Life Update…

It’s been quite a while since my last post so I’d thought I’d give all of my readers a little update on whats going on in my life.

I’m also asking all of you lovely people for some help!!

Let’s start with that…

My big sister Emma is a teacher at a Primary School in Cornwall and she has asked me to reach out to all of my readers, to see if any printers would be able to help her out!

Her aim is for each of her students to produce a book and sell it to the parents and public in a local bookshop, with a variety of the children’s work in. The idea is to give the children an outcome to doing their work and make it more of a project for them, they are producing a sellable item.

My sister, Emma is an amazing teacher and always goes above and beyond to make learning so much more fun! I would have loved to be in her class when I was at school. She has a theme for each for each term, for example, this term is a Mythical Magic. So each subject they do is based around this. English, they will write creative stories about witches and warlocks, Math, they will use potion measurements etc, it all sounds so much fun!!

Take a look at her classroom…

emma room 1emma room 2emma room

dad and armour

The Suit of Armour my Dad and Sister made for her Mythical Magic Theme… I have a very clever Dad!!!

She calls it ‘immersive learning’. Emma decided it was more fun for the children if their classroom was a theme, meaning there are hardly any normal desks, she lets the children sit wherever they want whilst doing their work, in the den, at the Knights Round Table, even against the Stone from the Sword in the Stone.

So I’m asking for anyone who does printing, to help out my sister at the best price possible, to produce 80-100 copies of a 120-page book, for the aged 7-9-year-olds to sell!!

If you could help, please email Emma at referencing my blog, A Tiny Girl’s Big World. A massive Thank You from the both of us in advance!!!


Now.. on to what I’ve been up to this past week or so!

I’ve been incredibly stressed out recently, with uni changing my timetable every day, having a lot of trouble trying to find a job around my uni hours (which I’m not even sure of yet), having absolutely no money, my boyfriends birthday and a whole lot of car trouble.

I’ve been on the phone most days to either my university, student finance, or possible employees, just trying to get my life back on track, and get myself back into a routine, rather than being bored out of my mind at home all day every day. It has honestly been so hard for me. Most people would be so happy to have all this free time on their hands, but me, I HATE IT!!!! It’s stressed me out so much not knowing when I’ll have time to work once I go back to uni. They told me I’d only be in two days a week, so it was looking alright and I had almost sorted a job in an office three days a week, perfect! Until my uni changed my timetable again and added another two days *eye roll*.

So now it’s back to the drawing board of the unemployed and poor. FIND ME A JOB!!!!!!!

It’s not been easy having no money, especially when it was my boyfriends birthday, but thanks to Momma P’s quick thinking and the wonderful world of Very’s buy now, pay later scheme, I was still able to get him a present and even made him a birthday cake…

stes cake

Massive shout out to my other sister Becky for doing the majority of the icing!! The cake was a big hit at the family meal. 

Now my car trouble…

I’m incredibly lucky to have a dad who knows anything and everything about cars!!! I’ve had about 10 new wheels/tyres since getting my car in 2015 (those curbs are always in the way ūüėČ ) and I’m so lucky that I don’t have to pay stupid prices to get it fixed, but it honestly feels like once one thing on my car gets fixed, something else decides it doesn’t want to work anymore.

I drove to Essex last weekend to see my boyfriend, and take a little driving strain off him. Although my dad was incredibly dubious that my car would get me there in one piece, it managed.. just. But he changed the wheel when I came back, and later that day, my exhaust started making an incredibly strange sound, making me look like one of those tools who get an add on to their exhaust on their 2002 plate Corsa to make it sound like a sports car… I was so embarrassed driving it! But my Dad’s fixed that problem temporarily today until he has time to get a new exhaust or something… it all goes over my head. God knows what I would do without my Dad!!


My mission over the next couple of days is to try and figure out how and where I’m going to get a job, maybe give my car a little break from me, and try to take advantage of the time I have off, before going back to University next week.

I feel so much better now I’ve written everything out on here, it’s a good way to get everything off my chest, although I doubt anyone is that interested in my life, I’m so happy to have my little corner of the internet, where I can talk about anything and empty my mind from all of the stress. So Thank You for reading!!!

I love you all x



My Top 5 Tag

So today I was thinking about what I wanted to write a post about. I noticed that there is absolutely nothing on my blog, that allows my readers to get to know me a little more. I love reading other blog’s where it gives you a little bit of an insight into the writer, what are their likes and dislikes etc so I thought it would be a fun idea to start a¬†Top 5 Tag.¬†

The idea is…

There are a series of topics and you have to answer each one with 5 answers (Only once in your post can you add a sixth if you’re really stuck on a particular topic). This way, your readers have a chance to find out a little more about you and hopefully, they’ll be able to connect with you a little more when reading your other posts.

So let’s begin!

5 Favourite things to do

  1. Binge watch TV
  2. spend time with my loved ones
  3. Cook/bake
  4. Read & Write
  5. Go to the Theatre (Not something I do that often but I love it!! MY favourite was Blood Brothers)
  6. Watch Murder/Crime documentaries and Conspiracy theories (Kendall Rae on YouTube is the best for this)


5 Favourite Films

  1. Grease
  2. Clueless
  3. Burlesque
  4. Sweet Home Alabama
  5. Mamma Mia

Musicals are such a good mood lifter!!


5 Favourite TV Shows

  1. Bones
  2. Friends
  3. Coronation Street
  4. Full House
  5. Modern Family

There’s so many to choose from!! I choose TV over Films any day

5 favourite Songs (At the moment)

  1. Take a Bow – Rihanna
  2. Galway Girl – Ed Sheeran
  3. I wish I was a punk rocker – Sandi Thom
  4. Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler
  5.  9 to 5 РDolly Parton


5 Favourite Books

  1. Where Rainbows End – Cecelia Ahern
  2. The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena
  3. Something From Tiffanys – Melissa Hill
  4. The Girl on The Train – Paula Hawkins
  5. The Escape – C.L. Taylor


5 Favourite Blogs to Read

  1. Mowgli and the Buddha – This blog is written by a girl I went to uni with!! I laughed so hard at her post The Birth of The Buddha!!
  2. Same Person Different Me – This blog is written by a Lady who lost her little girl from choking, she has now, with her husband, started a charity to help parents/teachers etc health and safety with children. This blog is so beautiful and touching to read!! I cry reading most of them but its just so beautiful.
  3. Trafotoz – I love this blog so much!! It’s a bit of everything and it covers all things I love like missing peoples cases, unsolved mysteries as well as product/place reviews!!
  4. Faye Jessica – ¬†I just love how fresh this blog is!! It’s a good read and full of different things!
  5. Terri Talks – This blog is just so cool! Terri has an amazing fashion sense which is probably what draws me to her posts so much! Full of beauty fashion and adventures!


5 Things I’m looking forward to¬†in the next year

  1. Graduating University
  2. Going to Dublin with my love for our 2 year Anniversary (hopefully)
  3. Cuba!! (Also Hopefully but probably be booking very soon)
  4. My 21st! (Although I don’t have anything planned yet!)
  5. My Cousin’s Wedding…¬†I love a good wedding.


5 personal facts about me

  1. All I want in life is to make my family proud, especially my two Granddads.
  2. My biggest regrets in life are not choosing to study English at College and not studying Performing Arts at University
  3. I’m very much an old soul. I don’t like going out too much and prefer to stay at home with a takeaway and a good movie or TV show
  4. I never believe in myself. I never think good of anything I do and doubt myself a lot (something I’m trying to work on)
  5. Majority of things I worry about involves money. (Something I hope to change in the future)


5 Best Memories (With Pictures)

  1. A family holiday to Anglesey with my Dad’s side. My favourite memory from the holiday is one evening when we all sat around singing and just having so much fun and laughing so much!!


2. The first getaway to Leek with my boyfriend and a trip to Alton Towers during. (We got incredibly drunk on the first day and I found the cutest ‘oldy worldy’ bookshop where I may have spent a little too much!!)

3. Our 2014 holiday to Menorca! Especially the last night when my mum, dad, Best friend Beth and I all jumped/were pushed in the pool fully dressed.

4. A meal to San Carlo with My boyfriend and his parents! Definitely, the most amazing meal I’ve ever eaten!!!!

san carlo

5. A holiday to Wales, body boarding in the sea in Cardigan Bay with my sisters and cousins

I just love the second photo when Zoe fell off her board haha 



A little-added extra

My Role Model

My Momma (Obviously! She’s the best)

My Hero

My dad, there’s nothing that man can’t do!!


Thank You for reading!! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more…

The 5 bloggers I nominate are

  1. Faye Jessica
  2. Sofia
  3. Sophie
  4. Terri
  5. Vikki

Have Fun!!

My University Experience – Moving Away

Everybody has a very different experience when it comes to University. Some people choose to stay living at home and commute, others go into student halls or get a house share. This post is all about my experience, I know other people who have absolutely loved moving out of their parent’s house, and in with friends for University, unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for me.

In my first year, I went into student halls. It wasn’t so bad as I had a chance to get to know the majority of my flatmates before moving in, after finding them on Facebook groups. We all got along well but as the year went on, their friendships grew with each other and I ended up feeling like a spare wheel. I was constantly feeling homesick. I was lucky enough to have my car, and with my Uni being just a 40-minute drive, it was easy enough for me to go home at the weekend, but it definitely would have been too difficult for me to commute each day for lectures.

In my second year, I thought it would have been a lot better for me as I chose to live with friends I made on my course. Although I did feel a lot more comfortable around them, there were a lot more ups and downs with these friends and I ended up feeling just as home sick. Neither of the two places I lived whilst at University, ever truly felt like a home to me. I think, when it came to finding a house together for our second year, we definitely made a rushed decision. The house we chose was literally like the house from¬†Fresh Meat.¬†One word…AWFUL.

Let’s start at the beginning…

To give you a little insight about who I’m talking about, here is a photo of myself and my four flatmates at our Halloween party. (How amazing are our costumes though!!!).


Housemates at Halloween

In order, we have Ellen, Myself, Jodie, Maddie & Jason. 

To be honest, we should have known from the viewing experience that we were going to have a terrible time with our agency. I’ll never forget the day we organized viewings.

So the day of our viewings, Jodie had to work and so Jason brought his friend Camron along to give us a little help and advice. We all arrived at the housing agency and Sal, the guy showing us houses said to us;

“The house is only a 5-minute walk away, it would be best if the boys walk, girls, you come in my car.”

I found this really creepy!!! The way he said it was as though he was incredibly happy about getting us alone. Then it turned out that the house was more like a 2-minute walk, it probably took us longer in the car with traffic so it was so pointless.

We were shown two houses, within a few minutes of each other, and, in all honesty, neither of them were great. The only reason I agreed to the house we chose was because it had parking¬†spaces, and my bedroom was HUGE!!! I’ve always had a tiny room at home so I got a little over excited.

Anyway… we signed the contract and were happy for a (very) brief moment.

The signs were all there…

We kind of knew we were in for a rough ride with our agency when it came to paying an ‘admin fee’ and some other payment which I don’t even know what they called it. They had signs all over the walls in the office saying ‘NO DEPOSIT’ yet they still wanted us to pay ¬£75 when we signed the contract, and then ¬£150 before December 15th.

If you’re a student, you’ll know full well that this isn’t easy money to get a hold of. So I rang on behalf of the whole house, asking if we would be able to pay the ¬£150 in January after we had all received our student loan, and thankfully they were fine with this, they just wanted an email of each of us to say a date we will have paid by.

Then came the phone calls. Every. Single. Day.

Literally, from the 15th December, each of us was being called constantly, sometimes even twice a day by different people in the office, saying we had a late payment and they would need to contact our Guarantor. They said they had put a note on the system but clearly there was a huge lack of communication in their office, even though the office was literally the size of my living room.

Eventually, the phone calls stopped, we all paid the £150 once our loans came in, and then the phone calls started AGAIN.

I was beyond the point of being calm. I was sick of being called every day being told I owed money so I went mad on the phone. I told the guy that he needed to stop ringing us all, if he looked properly, he would see that we had all paid everything we needed too. Get this.. he literally laughed at me down the phone and said;

“bloody hell love chill out, I’m just asking.”

Like no hun, you’re not asking, you’re accusing us of not paying and saying that if we don’t we could lose the room. Obviously, I’m not going to be calm. After this everything stopped, thankfully, they got the message.

Moving in Day…

When we had our viewing, we noticed that one of the sofa’s had a huge rip right down the middle. They told us it would be replaced before we moved in so it was all fine.

You can probably tell by this point, the sofa hadn’t been replaced. Apparently, the landlord only actually needed to provide one sofa and so this one was just an added bonus, if we didn’t want it, then we had to get rid of it ourselves.

Here’s a list of other things we noticed;

  • The dining table chairs were all falling apart.
  • the fridge was full of mould
  • the fridge and freezer were way too small for 5 people to share
  • the banister was hanging off the wall
  • the blinds were broken in every room
  • one of the rooms didn’t have a desk chair even though it was compulsory for student houses to provide a desk and chair
  • one of the kitchen cupboards was covered in grease and dirt
  • we only had one back door key for all of us, even though the back door led to where we parked our cars
  • the carpet in the front room was coming up
  • there was mould in one of the bedrooms (which later spread to another room)

We went around the house with the handyman, taking photos of everything whilst he took notes of everything we pointed out to him. He promised us that everything would be sorted to ensure the house was safe to live in, obviously, this didn’t happen.

Things only got worse from there…

After a few months, Jodie, who was living in the room with mould, noticed her asthma had come back, something she hadn’t had any bother with since high school. We sent countless emails about the issues in the house and got either useless or no response. In the end, we sent a very long, very wordy email and received the rudest response ever.

The landlord ended up coming round and painted over the mould like that would make a difference. Then the worst of it happened…

Our back door wouldn’t lock at all. We thought it would be okay because we had a group of guys living next door to us who were awake practically all night every night, and they could see anyone coming in our out.

One night, Jason went outside at about 11 pm because we forgot to put the bins out. He noticed a load of cardboard on the floor and went to put it in the bin. Next minute, a homeless man wakes up from under the cardboard and Jason just screamed. There are so many homeless people in Preston, but usually, they stay around town. This freaked us all out so much and we all just felt so unsafe.

A couple of weeks later, Jason was up at around 4 am and went outside for a cigarette, he noticed that the light in my car was on, so he went to check and the door was open. About 2-hours earlier, I had been outside as my boyfriend was driving home in the early hours to beat traffic and get a little extra sleep before work and I would have noticed if my light was on. When Jason told me what he saw, I went to inspect and noticed that everything from my glove box, thankfully it was nothing worth taking, but it was all over the floor. I was working late the night before and was adamant I had locked it, thankfully, my car was completely blocked in so there was no chance of anyone stealing it, but we thought that maybe the homeless man slept in it. Not a nice thought.

We complained multiple times about the back door and yet it took them 3 months to fix it!! I’ve never felt so unsafe in a house.

Getting the University involved…

So on the wall of the offices, they had other signs saying they had awards from UCLan for being one of the best agencies for students. We ended up talking to a support rep at uni who told us they haven’t any involvement with them. They told us to speak to the local council and have somebody come round to check the house was up to health & safety standards.

This was probably the first time someone from the agency responded quickly. The man came round a couple of weeks later and pointed out so many issues.

  • The stairs were unsafe
  • the mould needed sorting ASAP
  • the drains, stopped outside of a bedroom window, meaning the smell travelled into the house and was incredibly unhygienic
  • the gutters stopped directly above the back door so any rain would fall directly in front of it

The guy from the council was so annoyed about the fact they had allowed us to move into this house in the first place and told them they needed to fix it or it would be taken further.

One day, Maddie was in the house on her own whilst the rest of us were at lectures or work. She was upstairs hoovering, turned around and there was a man stood at the top of the stairs. It’s safe to say she was FREAKED.

In our contract, we were informed that anybody who needed to could stop by, granted that we were given 24 hours notice. It turned out the man was our landlord, he came by to fix the toilet which had been flooding the bathroom (another issue to add to the long list), but we clearly hadn’t been informed of him coming, otherwise, Maddie would have known to expect him. We emailed the agency to say that we were unhappy about this, especially with the homeless man incident.

A few days later, I was sat watching TV in my onesie, making the most of my day off, when there was an incredibly aggressive knocking at the door. A man I’d never seen before said

So are you going to let me in or do you want me to wait here for 24 hours to give to notice”.¬†

I was actually so speechless like 1. who are you? 2. what do you even want to come in for?  and 3. Why are you so rude?

Turned out he was the landlord!

It had got to the point where we had just given up. There was nothing we could have done to ensure we had sufficient communication. Quite frankly, they were arrogant, useless and down right rude.

If we ever rang the office, they would put us on hold for 15 minutes whilst they ‘transferred us to the right department’, in other words, pass the phone to the only other desk in the tiny office. It was all so unprofessional.

Moving Out (FINALLY.)

For months, they had viewings for new students to rent the house the following year. Always at the most inconvenient times in the day. These went on for ages and even when we moved out, they still hadn’t found anyone to take on the house. IT just goes to show just how awful the property was.

A couple of days after the last of us moved out, we received an email saying we had ¬£200 in damages to pay. All of these were for things that were already damaged when we moved in. This was the final straw. I couldn’t deal with just how unorganised and unprofessional this company truly was. I sent them a very long email again, including photos of what they were trying to get us to pay for, on the date we moved in.

In the end, they dropped the majority of the charges, we still had to pay £50, but it was a lot better than £200.

Living in that house was utterly disgusting, probably the worst decision I’ve ever made. Although I got along with the people I lived with for most of the time, all of the issues added so much unnecessary stress, stress that none of us needed along with all of our assignment stress.

Thankfully, this year, I’ve decided to change university to one a lot closer to home, meaning that I can live with my parents and just get the train into Manchester for lectures. What’s even better, I’m only at university two days a week, so the other three days I can work!! It’s going to save me so much money and I already feel so much happier about it. If you read my previous blog post about my family, you’ll know that I have an incredibly close relationship with them all, I live next door to my Nanna and Auntie, and see my other aunties, uncles and cousins on regular bases.

Being at home means I have more chance to see everyone, including my god daughter, who was born during my first year, so most of her life I’ve been living away. I’m able to save money, something I’ve not had the chance to do whilst living away (not if I wanted to survive anyway). I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I’m looking forward to getting my degree finished and looking at what options there are for me.

A little piece of advice I would give to anyone going to university is, make sure you do extensive research before choosing an agency to go with. Whilst living in the house, we wrote about our experience on a freshers page, so many people told us about their awful experiences with this agency and others in the area also. We also received comments of really positive experiences, mainly from the same agency who were FAB!! (Kexgil if you go to UCLan, honestly, you’ll be completely fine with them!) Just don’t make any hasty decisions and choose a house you’ll be happy to call your home!

If you’ve had a bad experience with a housing company, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!!!

Bye for now xo



The People’s Princess.. Diana.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the tragic death of the peoples Princess, the truly beautiful, Princess Diana, also known as Lady Di.


This post is based on my opinions and research I have done, nothing is hard facts. I strongly encourage all of my readers to not believe everything they read and see on the internet, if it’s something you’re interested in, I suggest doing your own research to make up your own mind and choose what you want to believe.¬†

I have always been incredibly patriotic, for as long as anyone can remember. For Kate and Wills wedding back in 2011, I had my dad driving around the night before, for a good two hours, I might add, looking for royal bunting to put up in the living room. I was off school (It was made a national bank holiday for the actual day in the UK), my auntie came round with cakes and we had a day, sat in front of the TV, to watch the entire thing. I have a box of different newspaper articles, magazines, and other memorabilia including the official Royal Wedding Coin, still in the original pocket casing. Call me sad but I love it!!!

Both Diana and Kate I am in absolute awe of, they are both strong and beautiful women, both inside and out.

This blog comes from my recent understanding of what exactly happened on the night Diana died, and my opinions on what I think happened, including some other conspiracy theories of what other people think could have happened.

The death of Princess Diana, on August 31st, 1997, was one that shocked the nation. Almost anyone you ask who was over the age of 15 at the time, can tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. If you can remember, I’d love to hear in the comments section below. Over 32 million people watched the funeral on TV and a sea of flowers, balloons, letters, teddies etc was left by the palace in London, just look here…

flowers for diana

The main point of this post is to explain why many people believe that her death was not an accident. If this is something you don’t agree with, then stop reading now. I do not aim to upset or offend any of my readers, I love every single one of you taking the time to read my blog and I want nothing but happy viewers.¬†

I was 10 days old the day Diana died, therefore, I didn’t have a clue what was going on at the time, and it wasn’t until I found the amazing Kendall Rae (Click here for her YouTube channel or here to my blog post about her) that I began to think that maybe her death wasn’t just a standard car crash after all.

Let’s start with the facts…

Diana died on Sunday 31st August at 12:20 am in a car crash in Paris. The black Mercedes S-280 was driven by Henri Paul, in the vehicle, other than Diana and the driver was her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, the son of an Egyptian Billionaire who owns Harrods, and bodyguard, Trevor Rees, who was the only one of the four victims to survive the accident. He was badly injured and had no recollection of what happened, until 10 years later when he said that all he remembers was Diana crying and calling for Dodi.

The vehicle crashed into the 13th pillar of the Alma tunnel. At the point of contact, the vehicle was traveling at 65mph in a 30mph area. Experts say that if this had not been the case, the people in the car would more than likely have survived, but this is not certain.

It was understood that none of the occupants in the car were wearing seat belts, which was very unusual for Diana, as she was often pictured in the back of cars, each time, wearing or putting on a seat belt.

Both Dodi and Henri were killed on impact, Diana died within two hours of being at the hospital.

Both British and French police investigations found that the driver of the vehicle, Mr. Henri Paul, was the cause of the crash, being heavily drunk and on anti depressants, going well above the speed limit, and lost control of the vehicle, trying to get away from paparazzi.

Many of the paparazzi around the scene that night were arrested on the spot, and the Royal Courts of Justice in London stated that the unlawful killing of Diana and Dodi was equivalent to manslaughter and was both Mr. Paul’s and the paparazzi’s fault.

Eye witness accounts

It was said that the Mercedes, carrying the victims, was the only car in the tunnel at the time of the accident, but a white Fiat 500 was seen speeding out of the tunnel, moments after the collision, the paint from this car was also found on the bodywork of the Mercedes.

At the moment of impact, a very bright flash was seen coming from the tunnel, it is still unknown as to whether this is true and if so, what it was.

Although there were many CCTV camera’s in and around the tunnel, as well as countless Paparazzi with their camera’s, not a single piece of footage can be found from the moment the accident occurred.

Although there were over 250 eye witnesses, none of these things were taken very seriously or lead to an increased investigation.

The tunnel in which the accident happened, better known for the purpose of this as the crime scene, was hosed down, cleared and was opened back up to the public within a matter of hours, making it impossible to find hard evidence of the actual cause of the collision.

Now onto the theories…

There are many different theories of what could have happened, some I believe and some I do not, it’s down to you to research ones you think you may believe a little more and see what you think. If I was to write about them all in great depth, I’d be here all day.

It was merely just an accident!

I, personally, do not believe this in the slightest and I will go into why, but accidents do happen. According to the ASIRT, nearly 1.3 million people die in car crashes globally each year, meaning that there is a chance that it was just a motor vehicle crash. Eyewitnesses at the scene said that a motorcycle was seen emerging from the smokey tunnel, directly after the crash. It could have been that the motor cyclist swerved, causing the driver of the Mercedes to swerve and crash. Accidents happen all of the time, whether or not this was one, we will never know.

The Motor cyclist was an SAS Agent, sent to Kill Diana

So this is a bit of a long one, and the one I believe the most. Many people feel that the Duke of Edinburgh ordered MI5 to kill Diana. Dodi Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, claimed that the couple was hours from announcing their engagement when they died. This would have been a scandal for the royal family as Diana is the mother of our future King, and Dodi was a non-Christian, so if she was to marry Dodi, it would have been a huge catastrophe. Although it is not confirmed, it is likely that Dodi would have told his father if he was planning on proposing so the chances of this being true are high.

This theory was strengthened when a story started circulating that MI5 agents had confessed to having an involvement in the death of Diana on his own deathbed, although this was later confirmed to be false stories. Could this have been a cover up from the SAS or MI5 or even the Royal Family itself? Possibly, but we will never know the truth. The point of the secrecy act that all agents must follow, shows that we will never truly know if this was the case.

Charles had been having an affair with Camilla whom he wanted to marry when he was younger but this was unacceptable, considering Camilla had married and divorced previously. It would have been a lot harder for him to marry Camilla if Diana was still alive as it may have been frowned upon, so some people believe that Charles wanted Diana to die in order for him to be with Camilla. In my opinion, if this was the case, he would have married Camilla a lot sooner after Diana’s death. Diana loved Charles with all her heart, she was very young and naive when she married him, for her it was love, many suggest that these feelings were not reciprocated, especially after an interview at their engagement where he said ‘what is love’ after being asked if they loved each other, in the video, you can see the disappointment on her face at this moment.

Even before Charles and Diana’s divorce in 1992, it was obvious she was unhappy, especially after this iconic photo of her was taken outside the Taj Mahal, in which she looks very unhappy, many believe that this was due to Charles’ love for Camilla.


Although she is trying to remain her elegant and professional¬†self, you can tell that she hasn’t got her usual beaming smile and her head is slightly bowed, this photo caused a lot of upset when it was taken and was when people started to truly believe that their marriage was an unhappy one.¬†

Diana was causing scandals for the Royal Family

Diana was known for her big influence in charity. She was the first person to ever shake hands with a person with AIDS without wearing gloves or a face mask, she even sat on his bed during her visit. This was a huge thing back then as nobody actually knew what AIDS was, how it was passed on etc and so no doctors or anybody would even go into a room with an AIDS patient without being completely covered.

Diana was also planning to stop landmines being legal, this would have been something she went on to do if she were to survive. Thankfully, her youngest son Harry wanted to continue with this in her memory and recently met with some landmine victims whom Diana met with only months before her death. Her bold choices when it came to charity were frowned upon by many people, the Royal Family especially. So some people choose to believe that this was the reason behind planning death.

People also believe that Diana was pregnant at the time she died. We will never know whether or not this was true as her body was embalmed within hours of her death, something that is actually illegal in France. This meant that no autopsy was able to be carried out, therefore, if she was pregnant, or if her injuries were made worse (I’ll explain later) then there was no way of knowing.

The engagement and pregnancy would have been seen Diana making a mockery of the royal family and so this is where speculations come from that it was SAS agents who were ordered to kill Diana.

The accident was supposed to kill only Dodi

Dodi Feyad’s father was known for doing some dodgy dealings, this has led to some people believing that he was in trouble with somebody and so they wanted to kill his son as a way to send him a message. It is possible, like I said earlier, any of these theories are possible, some more than others, we will just never know what truly happened.

Henri Paul was not actually intoxicated

During the investigation, blood tests found that the driver, Henri Paul was incredibly drunk, and traces of an anti depressant were found in his blood also. This test was run twice due to Henri Paul’s family protesting this, especially when his doctor stated that he was never prescribed the type of anti-depressant found, and he was prescribed another drug which wasn’t found in his blood. There were also dangerously high levels of Carbon Monoxide found in his blood tests, this would have been impossible as the autopsy showed that his neck was broke on impact, meaning he died instantly and would not have been able to inhale that much Carbon Monoxide. Many people believe this is evidence that the blood sample of the driver was in fact swapped with the blood of a suicide victim, in an attempt to frame Henri Paul.

Drink driving is the cause of many road accidents, therefore it would have made a lot of sense for Henri Paul to have been too intoxicated to drive safely, causing the crash, but CCTV footage of the group leaving the Ritz hotel showed Henri Paul walking perfectly fine and even stopping to tie his shoe at one point, something he wouldn’t have been able to do if he had consumed the amount of alcohol his blood tests stated. He wouldn’t have been able to walk properly, let alone drive from the hotel to the tunnel safely.

The car was tampered with

Mercedes refused to look over the car after the accident. Many people state that if the car had been tampered with then they would have been able to spot it instantly, therefore they didn’t want any involvement. If it was found that the car was faulty, it would have tarnished the brand and many people would have boycotted it.

Some people also believe that the seat belts in the car may have been removed or tampered with. It is incredibly strange that Diana wouldn’t have been wearing her seat belt unless they weren’t working so this is a possibility.

Here are photographs showing how Diana always wore her seat belt in cars. Diana was known for being a role model for so many young and impressionable people, it would be highly unlikely that on this one journey she decided not to bother putting a belt on.

diana seatbelt


Her injuries were made worse

The doctor ordered for the ambulance to stop just 30 seconds away from the entrance of the hospital, had they carried on, a bigger team of specialists could have done everything they could to save her. Some theories suggest that the doctors in the ambulance were ordered to do what they could to ensure Diana didn’t survive the crash and so they were making her injuries worse in the back of the ambulance.

I personally don’t feel like this is true, from what I know, most doctors wouldn’t jeopardise the chance of survival for a patient, no matter who the order came from, if they did, they would have to live with the guilt for the rest of their lives, especially considering how high profile Diana and her death was.

Now, what does all this mean?

With her body being embalmed so soon after her death and the crime scene being completely washed down straight away, the chances of us ever finding out what truly happened is slim to none. We can always have hope that one day, the person responsible will open up about it but it’s not something we should hold out for.

Diana had many loved ones when she was alive and still does to this day, she was a very friendly woman and was loved by many. Considering her own brother said in the recent Channel 4 documentary that he knows it was murder, it makes it difficult to ever believe that it was merely just an accident.

Her nearest and dearest, especially her two sons, have had to live with her death for 20 years now, I’m certain that all any of them want is for her memory to live on and for her to rest peacefully.

Diana was a beautiful, strong minded and caring woman, an amazing mother of two. She spoke out about things nobody else would, she helped thousands of people around the world and brought everybody together. This being the reason she was known as the People’s Princess.

All we can ask for now is for people to remember her for everything positive she did during her life and to keep her in our minds, and hopefully, one day, the truth will come out (that’s if it wasn’t just an accident).

R.I.P Diana 1st July, 1961 – 31st August 1997.

diana final




Shout out to Kendall Rae for the inspiration — be sure to check out her Youtube!!!

The Sun

The Guardian

My Summer Reads

I’ve always loved reading. Usually, it’s romancing novels, specifically anything written by Cecelia Ahern, Katie Forde or Jo Jo Moyes. Until my best friend, and fellow book lover, Beth, told me to read The Girl on The Train last year. Since then, I’ve been hooked on Psychological/Suspense thrillers.

I loved The Girl On The Train. I read the book in three days! It wasn’t something I thought I would be interested in but I feel like since then, I’ve changed a lot in what I’m into. I love any kind of crime programs that make you think, conspiracy theories (shout out to Kendall Rae) and now, I’m constantly picking up this kind of book whenever I’m shopping.

For anyone who has read the girl on the train, you’ll probably have watched the film as well. Without spoiling it too much for those of you who are wanting to read/watch, I just wanted to talk a little about my opinion on the film. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and it was incredibly close to the book, but it annoyed me way more than it probably should have that it was set in America rather than the UK like the book. Also, I feel like they missed out a HUGE detail about Tom telling Anne his parents were dead, which to me, was quite an important bit of information for the story. Let me know in the comments if you agree.

Now onto my top 3 Summer reads…

1. The Time of My Life – Cecelia Ahern.

time of my life

This Pretty in Pink book was just too picturesque not to get in my Candid pool shot!! I’ve only just noticed it actually matches my bikini haha

Although it’s not a psychological thriller, it’s not a holiday if I don’t read a Cecelia Ahern book!! Cecelia has always been my role model and I find myself falling deeper under her spell with every one of her books I read.

About –

Lucy Silchester thinks her life is perfect, she’s happy in her tiny apartment, telling everyone she loves her job, but she gets a letter to have a meeting with Life. Her life followers her around, pushing her to make changes, tell the truth to everyone she loves. She has lived in a lie for three years, and one little lie has led her to bigger lies, meaning nobody truly knows her anymore.

So I won’t lie, this isn’t the best Cecelia Ahern book I’ve read and it took me a little time to get into it, but purely because I was so confused. It’s definitely a thinker but I took it with me on holiday and ended up reading the entire thing in two and a half days!!

It reminded me a little of Nanny McPhee in the way that when Lucy made positive changes in her life, her life got better looking, I loved this about it but what I loved, even more, was how the book ends…

It made me think so much about my life, how I need to put myself first, which is something I’ve always struggled with as I’m too much of a people pleaser, constantly worrying about what others think of me. It’s incredibly rare for me to finish a book that makes me stop and think, but this one did and it has had such a positive impact on me ever since.

Cecelia Ahern will forever wow me with her words. A true inspiration to me and the driving force to me writing my own book. Considering she began writing P.S I Love You, at aged 19 shows how amazing she truly is!! I would read anything she wrote no matter what and I think to have people that hooked on your writing is a true credit.

I would recommend this book, but I will say it can be a little confusing… but I highly recommend Where Rainbows End and The Year I Met You!! Definitely my two favourite of hers.

2. The Escape – C.L Taylor.

My sister bought this for Momma P for her birthday and she told me to read it. Only Momma P and I are big readers in my family so we tend to share a lot of books and then pass them onto friends and family who we know would love them. I tend to finish books a lot quicker than Momma, purely because she has a lot more to do in the day than I do, so usually it’s me recommending books to her (this happened with The Girl on The Train) but it was the other way around with this one.

About –

A woman feels someone following her when walking to her car after work. When she reaches her car, the woman following her threatens her and her child. The book follows the woman trying to prove to people that someone is after her child and that she needs to keep her safe but when her own husband doesn’t believe her, she doubts everything.

There are huge twists and turns you do not see coming what so ever in this book. Much like in TGOTT, you’re constantly questioning your thoughts and theories. It’s Jaw-droppingly good and I would be the first in line to the Cinema if it was made into a film.

I read this before I went away and pretty much read the last half of the book in an hour. I just couldn’t put it down!!! Definitely, one I recommend.

Last but certainly not least…

3. The Couple Next Door – Shari Lapena.

the coupl next door


This book left me speechless.

Actually, if you ask my Boyfriend he will completely disagree with this. I began reading it just before I went away and by the third day, I’d finished. Every twist and turn I had to put it down and tell him exactly what was going on. He pretended at first that he wasn’t really interested, but, by the end of it, he was just as shocked as me. I’m praying for this to be a film!! It’s most definitely this year’s TGOTT!!!

About –

A couple leaves their 6-month-old baby at home, whilst they go next door for a dinner party, they take a baby monitor and take it in turns checking on her every half hour. When they go home at 1 am, their baby has gone. Who took the baby? Is she still alive? Read it to find out!!!

This book has more twists and turns than a labyrinth! I couldn’t put it down. What was even better was it was on a Two for ¬£7 deal at Asda and Tesco. If you enjoy reading, any kind of reading, you’ll love this book. In my eyes, it’s 100% the book of the year.


So if you’re stuck for something to read, I couldn’t recommend these books more!!

I’m currently reading a book called Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, I’ve only read the first chapter so far but I’m already hooked.

After, I’ll be reading Babydoll which Beth has recommended to me, I’m just waiting for her to come back from Singapore (SO JEALOUS!!) so I can borrow her copy!!

If you’ve read any of these books, or something similar you enjoyed, I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Bye for now xo

Our Week in Tenerife

So after catching up on some much-needed sleep, and a Coronation Street marathon, I’m finally getting a chance to get back to my little blogging corner of the internet, and tell you all about my week in Tenerife.


Our photo holding parrots that ended up costing us 10 Euro..

I’ll start with the best bit… Excursions!

I’ve always been a ‘Water Baby’ and so a boat trip and Siam Waterpark, which is rated the best in the world on Tripadvisor, we’re the best choices. We would have done a lot more if we could have afforded to take a bit more money but we had a great time regardless.

The boat trip took a little more convincing to get my boyfriend to agree too, but it was all worth it in the end. It was called the Peter Pan and it was a little pirate ship that claimed to fit 60 people on, personally, I can’t imagine this considering there were about 40 on board and it seemed pretty full.

peter pan

A bigger version of the boat we were on, although they were pretty much identical.

The trip lasted for around 3 hours. We got a coach to Las Cristianos port but the boat ended up going back to Costa Adeje. This meant that we had no coach back to our hotel and had to walk for around 20 minutes in the blistering heat. Not Fun.

cliff top wedding

The only thing that made the walk enjoyable was seeing this beautiful cliff top wedding being set up, if only we actually got to see the full wedding. Congrats to the happy couple!!

The trip was amazing, we were sailing for about 50 minutes when we saw Pilot Whales and dolphins. Although we couldn’t get too close, we were close enough to see them and it was truly magical. I’ve always loved sea creatures so seeing them really made the trip special to me. I’m not sure my boyfriend agreed but he said he enjoyed it.

After around another half hour, we stopped near some cliffs where we had the option to go for a swim in the sea. I would usually be first to jump in but swimming in the sea always irritates my eyes and so I decided against it. Instead, I lay down on the bench and tried to catch a little sun, they say a few hours in the sea is equal to 3 days on the shore. We had the most random lunch I’ve ever eaten, (a chicken drumstick, half cooked rice, and vegetarian meat balls) and also were given a glass of Sangria each!! I’ve never tried Sangria before but I now know I love it!! We then headed back and began the disgustingly sticky walk to our hotel. It’s safe to say we were both ready for a nap after.

We decided to go to Siam Park in the evening, there were significantly fewer people going at this time, meaning we wouldn’t have to queue up for as long in the heat. We didn’t have as long at the park and although it was the same price, we still managed to go on everything we wanted to. We had a free bus there and back and it was most definitely worth the money… 35 Euro each!

It took a lot of convincing to get me to do the Tower of Power, but I managed it, despite feeling like my heart was falling out of my arse on the way down…

tower of terror

I think we can all agree, it doesn’t look too safe…

I am so glad I managed to do it and I think I would be open to doing it again if we were to go back one day. It was an amazing experience, the whole day but we definitely needed a couple of chilled days after!

Meeting Friends, Making Memories…

We met so many amazing people on a trip, people who we will surely be keeping in touch with. On around our third day, we met Jonny and Ashleigh from Glasgow. Although I needed subtitles to understand a word Jonny said for the first day or two, they were a good laugh to be with. They even bought me 25 Chicken Nuggets for my birthday after I spent the whole week saying how much I could do with some. Can you get better friends though for real?!?

We met Kev and Gina, their son Jake and his friend Chris on our fifth day, from the Wirral, so only about half an hour from where we live. Then on our Sixth day, we met Becky and Mark, who, funnily enough, was also from the Wirral and only lived about 10 minutes away from Kev and Gina!! Becky, who teaches languages and so is fluent in Spanish, spoke to the hotel reception and arranged a table of 10 in the hotel for the night before my birthday, and our last full night there. It was so good spending this evening with such a great bunch and I can’t wait for them to all come home so we can plan to meet up.

I think meeting this lot definitely made the holiday even better. Although I love spending time with my boyfriend, it’s nice to meet people you have so much in common with, and who could be friends we have for life.

Not the best quality but I just love these photos!!

Now the only negative part… the hotel!!

I really didn’t want anything in this blog post to be negative, but, in all honesty, there isn’t much positivity I can say about the hotel. It was okay, I think if you’re a group of young people looking to party then yeah, it’s great. The food was alright, as good as any 3-star hotel food is. The pool was big and there was plenty of space to chill on a sun-lounger (if you could get one, I’ll get onto that later).

I’ll start with the room…

We managed to get an upgrade. After reading on Tripadvisor that only rooms on the fourth floor had air con, I emailed asking if we could be upgraded. I sleep with a fan on every night at home so there was no chance I would be able to sleep in 25-degree heat with no air con. When we got to our room, it turned out the air con was only in the living room and so we still had to hire a fan, which, they charged us 30 Euro for and we only got 10 back when we checked out. The cleaning service was rather unpredictable, some days it would be cleaned, some days we would just get some clean towels, it was rare we were ever given more toilet roll and then on one day they gave us loads. Most people we spoke to said that they had to go to reception each day to ask for some more.

When booking this hotel, it stated that they had wifi and air con. Even though we were all inclusive, we still had to pay for both of these. Wifi was 5 Euro for one day, 10 Euro for 3 days or 20 Euro for 7 days. It was a rip off if you ask me but we were both lucky enough to be on EE, meaning we can use all of our data in Europe for no extra cost.

I actually didn’t mind the hotel until the night we came back from the Waterpark, I slipped on a large puddle of water in reception, the wet floor sign was nowhere near the actual puddle, and the two men at the reception desk did nothing about it, they didn’t even ask if I was okay!! I filed a complaint but heard nothing. My back has been killing me ever since but it will be okay eventually.

It only got worse from then…

One night, we were sat by the pool having a couple of drinks with some friends, when one of the girls saw a couple of men who looked rather suspicious. We then watched them for most of the night, sending their 8-year-old boy to distract people whilst they took their belongings. After a bit, they ran out with three bin bags and drove off in their car. My boyfriend and two other men we were with ran after them, while one of the girls went to get the bar staff, they all chased after them but they managed to get away. When I told the men at the reception desk, they were incredibly rude to me. They told me that I should have informed the security guard by the pool, to which I replied that I would of if they actually had any security….

The next day, one of the men were back with the little boy, we told the staff that it was him, to which they claimed to know nothing about it. I called my holiday rep to explain and they said they would try to get as much info as possible. After a little probing and the lifeguard telling me that he didn’t need to tell me anything, he eventually told us that the man who was stealing things actually worked for the hotel.

You can read all about it in more detail on my Twitter thread

Before all of this happened, I would have considered going back to this hotel but I most certainly won’t be now.

The staff were rude, we were miss informed about the wifi and air con, and the staff were not willing to help in anyway when we needed them.

Little details I mentioned in my Pre holiday Post…

My Hair…

Was incredibly uncooperative. I did end up spending the week looking like Monica in Barbados but I gave up caring. It was easier to leave it natural and frizzy than it was to spend time drying and straightening it, all for it to just frizz up all over again!!

I wore all of my bikini’s

Well, except one that didn’t fit. But everybody told me that I wouldn’t wear half of them. I made the most of the 22kg luggage allowance and I was so glad I did!!


Back to Reality..

Now we’re home, all caught up on sleep and had a lovely day yesterday celebrating my 20th Birthday with my family, it’s time to get back to looking for a job, de cluttering my room and getting ready for my third and final year of university!

Bye for now xo

Holiday Time!!!

It’s only two days now until my second holiday of the year with my darling boyfriend. Greedy… yes but we had rubbish weather last time and this girl needs some sun.

Where are we off to you ask?


I’m slightly worried about this one, I won’t lie to you. I’m going to give you a little insight now into what it’s like for a very pale girl with stupid uncontrollable hair on holiday.


Packing Problems…

I’m not one to pack lightly, I like to have a variety of clothes for different occasions, as of now, I don’t know what I’ll be doing, what the hotel is like, nothing. So I like to take all my summer clothes so I have a choice. You may be thinking ‘Is this girl insane???’ but no I don’t actually have that many summer clothes, my wardrobe consists of jumpers and leggings.

I have been building up my holiday wardrobe since the stress of my last holiday, having to borrow half of my friends and sisters clothes just so I would have something to wear in the ‘heat’… yep the quotations are necessary.. it was FREEZING.

Momma P, being the absolute Diamond she is, has spent the past few weeks adding little holiday toiletry necessities to her weekly shopping to stock up for us, and I couldn’t be more grateful. You never realize how much it all costs until you buy it all at once. Yesterday, Momma and I spent the morning ironing and packing my suitcase. I couldn’t do it without her and quite frankly, I’m pretty sure she actually enjoys doing it. I never ask her she kinda always just says ‘when are we packing your case then?’ and I’m not going to turn down the master Packers help!!!

God help me this time though coming back, we could barely close my case yesterday, all my hair and makeup stuff are going in my boyfriend’s case (now he doesn’t have a choice on this one).

If you’ve got the luggage room (22kg for us), USE IT!!! Make the most of it and get as many clothes and shoes in as you can ūüėČ
I’m the type of person where, if I have an outfit in my head, I won’t be happy wearing anything else, so I like to take as much as I can to prevent disappointment and so my boyfriend doesn’t have to wait around for ever whilst I look for something to wear.

So take advantage of that luggage allowance and have a holiday in style.


Embracing my Inner Monica

For any Friends fans out there, you’ll probably have guessed what this section is about… HAIR.

My hair is naturally quite curly (frizzy!)

hair 2hair 1

This is my natural hair, still slightly damp, as it drys it just gets bigger and frizzier. 

Now I’m not a fan of my hair but everybody is always telling me that I should wear it natural more often. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I just find it incredibly annoying. Most days I straighten it, then I end up with ‘wings’

linked in (3)

These little strands on either side that just stick out constantly, they’re too short to be tied up and so uncooperative!! Nightmare.¬†

When I go on holiday, it’s even harder to handle…


I’ll be looking like this.¬†

Momma P tells me it’s the Irish in me and all I can say is I’m thankful I’m not ginger otherwise I’d look like Merida from Brave (Yes, I know she’s Scottish… but just look…)


I couldn’t cope!

So whenever I go on holiday, I find it so much easier to just put my hair in two french plaits, that way, it will stay slightly tamed, even in the sea and pool…




Packing that Factor 50…

Trust me, I need it. When I was younger I used to tan anytime I went away. Then when I was 9 I went to Italy and burnt my cheekbones, everywhere else was tanned. Ever since then, I just burn!!!

So this time around, I have 3 bottles of factor 50 and two bottles of aftersun. Where’s Beth with her Medicated Powder when you need her (miracle powder more like!!!). Hopefully, I’ll come back with a half decent tan. It’s not fun when your boyfriend goes on holiday more tanned than you’ll be coming back *eye roll*.

My sister is currently on holiday where we’ll be going on Monday and she’s struggling to cope with the heat so I don’t think I’ll have much luck. I’ll just be spending my week in the pool or sea to soothe the burning.

I am excited… Honest.

Although I’m slightly worried about burning and spending the week looking like Hagrid, I am super excited!! You can probably tell if you’ve read my previous blog posts that I’ve not been having the best of times recently so this holiday couldn’t have come at a better time. It will be good to get away from this lovely English summer we’re having also.


So, everyone, I’ll see you on the other side… unless my boyfriend finds a gym or decides to go on an 8-mile run (he probably will) I’ll be writing a post all about the holiday when I get back… In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for updates on my time away…

Bye for now xo


Pray For Me

Football season is about to begin… All you non football following girls out there will know exactly how I feel if your partner is an avid football fan like mine. As my mum says, I’m a football widow at this time of year. 

This blog post is coming from the pub, I’m sat here, no wifi, oasis in hand (neither of us really have the money to buy drinks but we felt like we had to get one considering we will be sat here for the next couple of hours) and my iPad. Luckily, I can write this post now and add the photos I plan on putting when I’m back in the comfort of my own home with working internet access before publishing. 

For any football fans out there who may be reading this, I’m going to give you s little insight right now into what it’s like for us non-fans, and what you put us through during football season. Please note, this may not be what all fans are like, but it’s certainly my experience… 

1. Why did I not bring earplugs?!  Or headphones, something to cancel out the loud cheers and screams when somebody scores. I’m in a room full of burly men with very loud, and very deep voices and I know I’ll be going home with a banging headache. Momma P best have paracetamol ready and waiting.

2. I should have saved up for this… At least save enough money to be able to afford a glass of wine or 10. I think alcohol is the key to survival in this situation, anything just to get me by… 

3. Why do these men get paid so much?! This is bound to offend hard core fans so if this if you and football is your livelihood then turn away now. It’s literally a bunch of sweaty men, running around chasing a bit of rubber or whatever the hell a football is made out of, and they get paid more than doctors and nurses!! Uncalled for. 
Side note: I saw an old friend from school so a little catch up with her saved me for a little bit of boredom. She seems to be in the same boat as me, difference is, she actually understands what’s going on.

Which brings me to my next point…

4. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask questions!!!!! It’s for your own good. You’ll either get told off for talking or get a dirty look for not knowing what the offside rule is. ITS COMMON KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE *eye roll* 

Ok so I do actually know what the offside rule is… Brownie points to me. It’s the only thing I do know but I doubt I could tell you when it was broken or whatever.

5. Wear appropriate clothing.  It’s been miserable weather all day so I’ve got a jumper on and I’m absolutely SWEATING.

It’s finally half time, maybe I can get s little conversation out of my boyfriend..wish me luckūüćÄ

He didn’t seem too happy with me taking photosūüėā

Side note: what do you all think of his facial hair? I’m not a fan but I guess who can do what he wants with his own face!! Comment below your opinions. 

Oh wait… There’s overtime on the half time, my little head can’t take this confusion.

Last but not least… And this one goes for partners of football fans whether you go to the pub with them or watch it with them or not…

6. Don’t ask them questions if they come home unhappy. I’ve learnt to google the final score if my boyfriend goes to the pub to watch it and I’m at home, this way, I know what to expect when he comes home, what mood he will be in. I find myself praying United win just so he’s happy!

So if you’re going to be a supportive girlfriend or boyfriend and sit through the most boring two hours of your life, remember to bring something to entertain you, try and refrain form talking and drink copious amounts of alcohol to get out through.

Enjoy x
Update: I ordered a millionaires cheesecake to get me through the second half..I deserve it don’t you think?

Family Love

I’ve got a little bit of free time on my hands at the minute, I’ve left my job and 1 week today I’ll be on that plane to Tenerife with my love, I’ve been applying for jobs a lot over the past couple of days but, in my mind, there’s not much point in me starting a new job this week when I’m going away next week.

I’m taking a little time out to think. To think about who I really am and what I really want.

The thing is with me, I worry too much about trying to make the perfect future, I forget to enjoy the now. It’s definitely something I need to work on. Once I get an idea in my head, I do everything I can to make it happen, and 9 times out of 10, it turns out to be the wrong thing for me.

I’ve mentioned this in my previous posts but I have two sisters, both of them have known, for as long as anyone can remember, exactly what career path they want to go down and I have no idea. At least I’m trying different things, maybe too many….

This is why I really need to think.

I have one year of university left, so I’m going to get a normal job, just one to give me a bit of pocket money to help me get by, then I’ll spend this year thinking about what it really is that I want for my career.


I’ve had a lovely couple of days making memories with family and friends. I have a very big and incredibly supportive family. Most people with a big family struggle to make time to see them, we’re the complete opposite!!

I left my job on Thursday, on Friday, my auntie and little cousin came round and the weather seemed to be on our side so we sat in the garden talking about all things completely random.

On Saturday I had a little pamper day, had a nice relaxing bubble bath, painted my nails and then spent the evening with my boyfriends parents and little brother, a few glasses of wine and a nice meal, perfect day before a busy Sunday.

This week was my Boyfriend’s Grandma’s 70th Birthday, so 17 of us went for a meal to The Midway in Stockport. We then ended up going back to his uncles for a couple of drinks (apart from yours truly who always ends up as designated driver). I had such a good evening with just us girls chatting.

girls night

I would choose family time over a night out to town any day!!

This week will be very chilled, my boyfriend has 3 weeks leave now so it will just be spent getting ready for our holiday, packing, buying any last minute necessities and seeing family. All my mums sisters work in schools so summer time is lovely and we all meet at my grandmas one day in the week for lunch!


Whilst I’m going through a strange point in my life, the first time I’ve actually stopped to think about what is best for myself, I plan to spend as much time as I can with everyone I love around me. Making memories and having a good laugh.

For now, I should probably get back to the job hunting… it would make my life a lot easier and happier if I found a writing job to fit around uni but I’ve got plenty of time in my life to find a career that I love.

If anyone has any blog post ideas or maybe knows somewhere in Greater Manchester that’s hiring, comment below and let me know.

Bye for now xo

Stuck in a Rut

The heading says it all really.

Stress… Stress… STRESS.

I won’t go into too much detail because we don’t want to upset people but there are points in life when you just have to give up and cut your losses.

I’ve given it a go, I’ve tried my best, but it’s just not working out any more.

Nobody should carry on with something that just makes constantly makes them miserable.

To be honest, I think I’ve been incredibly lucky. Lucky to have such an amazing support system around me. My amazing parents, fabulous Nanna and gorgeous boyfriend have all been top stars today, keeping me sane and making sure I have my head screwed on and a smile on my little face.

The last thing I ever want is for people to be disappointed in me! I hate it! It was all that was on my mind when making a decision about what to do but it turned out, nobody really cared about whether or not I would struggle for money or whatever, they all just said the same thing…

We hate seeing you so unhappy, you need to do what’s right for yourself and nobody else”.

Those were the exact words I needed to here.

Onward and upward from here on out.

I could do with my luck taking a flip turn now so if there is anyone up there looking down on me, help me out, sprinkle a little fairy dust on me and give me a bit of luck!

I’m sick and tired of being miserable so everyone is right. I just need to do what makes me happy, what I think is the best decision for my own health, physically and mentally. No more crying every night, this gal needs to get her smile back!!!

So I know this post is a little cryptic but anyone who knows me will know exactly what its about. Anyone who doesn’t, I hope you can take a very important message from it…


My love goes to every single one of you reading this and I want nothing but happiness for everyone who reads the random and crazy thoughts that spill out on my keyboard.

momma pappa and ste

Shout out to these three beauties and my Nanna (I can’t find any photo’s with her that she would let me put on) for being fab and getting me through the day!! I love you all x

P.S Momma P look’s sad in the photo because us three all got free drinks because of a mix up and they weren’t allowed to give her one for free HA!!