So you may have noticed that this post is coming a day later than it should be. I did explain this on my Twitter (follow me – @thehannmariee) but I know that not all of my readers are from Twitter. I decided to change the day of this series to Wednesday, so now I will be posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week, unless I have a busy time and don’t have the chance if that’s the case, I’ll give you all a heads up!!

Now onto today’s TV Show of the Week…

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When and where?

TRHOC is on every Monday, at 10pm on ITVBE. There are usually two seasons a year, each with around 11 episodes.

Why did I start watching?

I live in Cheshire myself so when I heard that this programme was starting, I was so excited. I know the area in which it’s filmed and I think everyone gets a little excited seeing somewhere they know on TV. Since it started, I’ve been hooked.

Who do I watch with?

Momma P is just as obsessed with RHOC as I am, as well as my auntie Clare, and quite a few of my friends. I watch it on my own when it’s on and Moma P catches up when she can. Not a chance you would ever see her staying up past 10pm on a weeknight.

I love talking about it with anyone I know who’s seen the latest episode, especially if it was a drama-packed week. (Usually every week to be honest).

Show summary

The programme follows the lives of housewives living in Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Hale, and surrounding areas. Most of them are married to footballers or rich businessmen, then there’s the odd one who’s earnt their own money. It shows them at dinner parties they hold for each other, social and charity events, life events such as birthdays, weddings, christenings etc and just shopping and gossiping.


I absolutely love any programme like this, one where you just watch other people living their lives, most people call it ‘car crash TV’, I think it’s just fabulous.
Just like Momma P, I’ve always been incredibly nosey, so I’m obviously going to LOVE seeing all of their amazing glamorous houses, their luxury lifestyles, and their designer parties.

I love their friendships and all of the drama. I sometimes feel like I actually know these women, I bet if I ever bumped into one of them, I’d act as if we’d been friends for years, they would be so confused though!!!


There isn’t much that I don’t like other than particular characters. What does annoy me, is when someone is stirring absolute rubbish or flat-out lying to someone, and then nobody else notices it. I find myself shouting at the TV when this happens. Thankfully, they’re all likely to watch the programme when it aires so they will find out eventually.

Favourite cast member

rhoc leane and tanya

Leanne and Tanya are hands down my favorite two, out of every series that has been. Their friendship is great and they are so funny together. I’m constantly in stitches at some of the things Tanya comes out with. It’s as though she just doesn’t care as much of the others what people think of her and has such a laid-back attitude, whereas some of the other women just seem so fake.

Least favourite


Ampika and Lauren are always stirring up issues in the show. Thankfully for me, Ampika is not in the new series, and Lauren hasn’t been in it up until this week, but I noticed this week that she was just being so disrespectful to everyone she spoke to, and spreading so many rumors. Something I’ve noticed about her is that when she starts a rumor about someone if that person finds out (which they always do) she always says something along the lines of “oh I don’t have time for all this” DON’T START IT THEN?!?

It upsets me that Tanya thinks Lauren is her friend, especially when I hear her saying such nasty things about Tanya when she isn’t around, it makes me wonder what other things she says that doesn’t make it into the show.

Ampika was just waaaay too over the top for me!! And her relationship with Mark was just too weird for me to watch. As for Lauren, nobody in Cheshire genuinely speaks like that, unless she’s from somewhere else, she needs to drop the fake accent. If you listen to the way Dawn speaks, that’s normal, Lauren just sounds so snooty and pompous.

If you love reality TV, you will absolutely love this one so much!! Definitely, give it a watch.

Bye for now


6 thoughts on “TV Show of the Week – The Real Housewives of Cheshire

  1. My friend absolutely loves the Real Housewives. I’ve never been that interested but maybe I should give it a go. I do love reality TV.

    Faye Jessica |

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