Today I have another film review for you all.

the green mile

It’s been a couple of weeks since I watched this film, yet I still cannot stop thinking about it. I was truly amazed.

I’ve heard of this film before but I clearly must have just judged it by the title, it sounded to me like a war film or one of those awful film about someone doing a marathon or something… not for me. My boyfriend’s dad insisted that I MUST watch this film, and usually, his film suggestions are spot on. So I sat, watched, paid attention, and within the first sighting of John Coffey (like the drink, spelled differently) I was hooked.


The Green Mile is the name death row in a prison, usually called something else but in this prison, the floor is green, hence the name. The lives of the wardens are changed when one particular man is brought to their prison, a man who holds a very mysterious gift.

My thoughts

I absolutely loved the role Tom Hanks played. The way I saw it was that he treated the inmates like friends, most of them anyway, possibly because he knew that it wouldn’t be long till they died, so no point in treating them horribly, like that little Sh!t did. (Man I hated him). Tom Hanks character and his friend Brutal were my favorites of the guards. They were so lovely and I just wanted to give them both a big hug. It must be very difficult doing that job if you had a heart, the inmates may have done wrong and deserve their place, especially mental Billy or whatever the hell the psycho was called, but some of them, like the man who took on Mr. Jingles, were just so lovely and probably didn’t mean to do whatever it was that caused them to end up there.

The moment I saw John Coffey, my eyes were fixed on the screen (apart from an odd couple of times I had to pop into the kitchen to top up my wine). At first, I assumed he would be a terrible man, especially looking at how big he was and the size of his MAMMOTH feet. Then we saw his face…

He was so upset and scared and my heart went out for him. I knew straight away that he didn’t do whatever it was that put him in there.I’m not going to give anything away because I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who is yet to watch it, but let me tell you, the second you see his face, you just know he’s a good man, there’s just no doubt about it.

I can honestly say I’ve never felt so many emotions in one night, never mind in just one film.

I started confused.
Then I was laughing at the comedy.
I was scared in bits.
Then the upset set in.
Before full heartbreak.
In the end, I was happy, yet so, so sad.

I never usually cry at films but I couldn’t stop watching this one, I felt too much of a connection with R’John, I just wanted to take him home and let him stay at my house forever, whether he was a bad man or not. He had just tugged on the heartstrings too much.

I would recommend this film to anyone, but please be more prepared than I was, have tissues ready at least.

Apparently, I now have to watch Silence of the Lamb’s, but I couldn’t watch that one until I’d watched The Green Mile, so I’ll be sure to let you know how that one goes. I’ll be prepared for anything when it comes to watching that!!!

Have you seen The Green Mile? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Bye for now


7 thoughts on “The Green Mile – A Review

  1. So busy this week so 100% watching it at the weekend. Tom Hanks is amazing in any role so I can’t imagine I’ll hate this at all – sounds sooo good and loving this series you’re doing. Sounds emotional so I’ll get the tissues ready x

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