The third year of university means one thing, and one thing only…



Yup, that big, scary 12 letter word is what will be defining me for the next 9 months of my life. And boy am I scared.

I’ve read article after article about “Things I wish I knew before starting my dissertation”, “things to remember when writing your dissertation” and “Dissertation advice, don’t be scared”.

Easier said than done.

So, what I plan to do, is to write up my expectations of how I will get on, then, once I’ve handed it in, I’ll go back over it and compare my thoughts now, to how it really went…

  1. I’m going to be as prepared as I possibly can…
    I had the first lecture on my dissertation, or, sorry ‘Research Project’ as we’ve been told to call it. It was a HUGE information overload that sent me into a flurry of panic. There was so much more information than I even thought to consider, my brain was fried.
    I already had my topic decided, but no more than that. I also didn’t really think about how much time I would actually be spending on it, and my topic was very mundane and very generic. After listening to the lecture, I realized I was limiting myself. The topic I chose was something slackers would choose, someone who doesn’t want to put in too much effort, the kind of person who sails through the three years of uni, barely scraping a Third and hardly ever bothers to turn up.
    I’m more than that. 
    Now I have a new title, which is going to be really fun to research and allows me to reach depths I wouldn’t have even come close to with my other topic. I’ve got it all planned out and completed my topic outline, which is due in for Monday. (In all honesty, I completed two of these for two different topics, then had my family all vote for which one they thought sounding more interesting).
    I’m actually pretty excited to start… I bet I won’t be saying that in 9 months.
  2. I’m probably going to put on 3 stone
    In all of the articles I’ve read (and like I said before… it’s a lot), every one of them mentioned the extensive amount of snacks you eat, just to keep you going, especially if you leave it all to the last month or so.
    That definitely won’t be me, in going to be organised (more on that later), but I’m not going to deny the fact that I’ll probably go through an abnormal quantity of snacks.
    Lucky for me, Momma P’s a feader so I probably won’t have a problem gaining access to the big wide world of crisps, cake and chocolate.
  3. I plan on being super organised.
    My lecturer has set milestones for us to stick too, but I’m also going to be setting my own. I bought a diary today and I’m going to be keeping an incredibly strict schedule for my entire life.
    I just hope I actually use it this time…
    I’ve had diaries before and I always forget to use them, but this year, I feel like its going to be glued to me. My day’s will be planned to the hour (I’m not crazy enough to plan to the minute) and I’ll make sure that I’m writing down every task, deadline and reading I need to do, and when by.
    With my degree being super important in this year, and very full on, I’m going to have to be organised to keep on top of everything and stop myself from having regular mental breakdowns.
  4. My Weekends are for me.
    This is one I really hope I can stick too. I haven’t got a job (probably for the best with my workload), and with my boyfriend working away, Weekends are the only time we have, to see each other.
    Honestly, I think keeping my weekends work free will probably give me better chances at keeping my sanity. Maybe on Sunday nights I’ll do a little bit of work, but other than that, I’m going to have a strict schedule in the week, to ensure I can have ‘me time’.
  5. Early mornings, decent sleeps.
    During the summer I was working full time, meaning I was up at half 6 every morning. The first week or so was hard, but after a bit, I was used to it, it was the norm for me. I even found myself waking up early on weekends as well, not half 6 but still early. Which I kind of liked, I used to waste my weekends sleeping in, and then I would be working all weekend (retail life ey), so now I like to value my free time a lot more.
    Another thing thats come about since I haven’t been working, I’ve been going to bed incredibly late. I think it’s also to do with the fact that I’ve been into a lot of different series at the moment, so I’ve been up till early hours of the morning. It definitely caught up to me this morning. So I’m going to start having a good night sleep, that way, I’ll be able to get up earlier, and have better focus whilst doing my work.

I want to do well this year, being at a new uni and not really knowing anyone, means I’ve been focussing a lot more in the lecutures, taking everything in as much as I can. So heres hoping I can do as well as possible.

Now let’s just see if I can stick to it…

Wish me luck


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