How much of a chore is it to clean your makeup brushes? Like for real, I HATE IT.

I don’t think I ever actually did it until my sister’s friend (who slays at makeup) pointed out to me just how disgusting my brushes were and how much it affects the application of make-up if they’re clean.

Even then I wouldn’t do it that often. I paid one of my friends I lived with at uni to do it for me!! Best £2 I’ve spent.

I try to do it more often but it just takes forever, my arms ache and go all wrinkly and EURGH. Like I just wish I had the motivation to do it more because I love how good my makeup looks after using clean brushes, but that’s nowhere near enough motivation.

Seriously, if anyone has any genius idea’s on the best ways to clean them without it taking forever I’ll happily take any suggestions.

I just wish there was a machine or something that would clean them for you!! Like a dishwasher but for makeup brushes… IMAGINE!!!

I know this was a shorter post than usual but I just want all those lazy girls like me out there to know you’re not alone. We should stand together with our dirty brushes and invest a much-needed (yet super affordable) brush washer!!! (Alan Sugar, hear my prayers).

On another note… how cute is my new brush bag and all my (recently cleaned FYI) brushes!!!


3 thoughts on “Cleaning Make Up Brushes – The Worst Chore

  1. Hope to see you on next years Apprenice with Alan Sugar!!! 😀

    But totally agree, it feels like a chore with the amount of time it takes. I’ve done it by hand and just got (not so harsh) soap and used that and so much make-up came off but then you thought you were finished yet there was still some there. I refuse to buy these expensive brush cleaners too x

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    1. That’s a brilliant idea!!! Either that or dragons den🙋🏽

      Literally!!! My foundation brush is the worst, that one alone takes me like 15 minutes!!x

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