Welcome back to week 2 of my new series, of TV show of the week.

This weeks programme is…


When and where?

The programme has finished now but re-runs are played most days on Sky Living and other channels such as quest.

How many seasons?


Who I watch it with?

At first, we watched it as a family, my parents, sisters and I. Now, I’m re watching it from the beginning and my boyfriend is also so we can chat about it. I like it when other people are watching a show I watch as well, there are quite a few programmes that I watch that nobody ever seems to have heard of, so when I do find someone else who likes it as much as I do, I get a little excited.

Why did I start watching?

As far as I can remember, my dad found the programme when channel hopping (which Momma P hates), and we all just kind of sat down and got into it. Momma P then told the women she worked with about it and one of them said she had all 6 of the box sets because her and her husband love it. They lent us the box set and ended up letting us keep them. What was even better, as we were almost finished watching season 6, we found that season 7 was about to begin on TV.

Show Summary…

Bones is about a team of forensic scientsists, the main one being Temperance Brennan. Temperance (also known as Tempy or Bones) examines the bones of bodies and can find out exactly who they are and how they died. The team work alongside the FBI, and Bones’ FBI Special Agent partner, Seiley Booth, solving murders and giving an identity to the bones.

Bones and Booth are the dream team and bounce off each other. Bones is a bit like Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, in the way that she is very socially awkward and sees everything very ‘matter of fact’ly. Booth helps her to understand jokes and sarcasm as the series go on.


I absolutely love the relationship between all of the characters in this programme, they all have such a special bond which is just perfect to watch. I also absolutely love trying to work out who committed the murder by watching the body language of the suspects during interrogations. I think in a past life, I must have worked in crime because I’m so fascinated by it and usually right in my guess.

I also, secretly, like the fact that I actually learn something when I watch it. Until I watched this programme, I thought Phalange was a word made up by Phoebe on Friends! But (for anyone who doesn’t already know) it’s actually the name of your finger bone…. interesting huh!


Honestly… absolutely nothing. I just love love love this show!!!

Favourite Character

boes cast

I just cannot choose between the six main characters, I absolutely love them all and their relationships with one another just make the programme what it is.

Worst Character

bones daisy

Daisy is one of Brennan’s interns and she just irritates me so much. She’s like an overactive child and is constantly hyped up. Whenever she’s the intern, I can’t help but roll my eyes.

My favourite scene

So I can’t really work out how to add a video into a post so here’s a link…

I watched this episode with my boyfriend and we were both in stitches for so long, it sets a bit of a taster for the programme to see the comedy aspect they have on a crime programme. I guarantee when I have children, this is exactly what I’ll do when they cry!!!

Hve you ever watched Bones? Let me know what you think of it in the comments!!

Bye for now xo


6 thoughts on “TV Show of the week – Bones

  1. My parents always watch Bones I’m sure and I’ve seen clips of each episode. I love programmes like this so why I’ve never watched it amazes me. Think I’ll be starting that ASAP!

    Love this new series and such a cool idea. Can’t wait for more x

    Liked by 1 person

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