Holiday Time!!!

It’s only two days now until my second holiday of the year with my darling boyfriend. Greedy… yes but we had rubbish weather last time and this girl needs some sun.

Where are we off to you ask?


I’m slightly worried about this one, I won’t lie to you. I’m going to give you a little insight now into what it’s like for a very pale girl with stupid uncontrollable hair on holiday.


Packing Problems…

I’m not one to pack lightly, I like to have a variety of clothes for different occasions, as of now, I don’t know what I’ll be doing, what the hotel is like, nothing. So I like to take all my summer clothes so I have a choice. You may be thinking ‘Is this girl insane???’ but no I don’t actually have that many summer clothes, my wardrobe consists of jumpers and leggings.

I have been building up my holiday wardrobe since the stress of my last holiday, having to borrow half of my friends and sisters clothes just so I would have something to wear in the ‘heat’… yep the quotations are necessary.. it was FREEZING.

Momma P, being the absolute Diamond she is, has spent the past few weeks adding little holiday toiletry necessities to her weekly shopping to stock up for us, and I couldn’t be more grateful. You never realize how much it all costs until you buy it all at once. Yesterday, Momma and I spent the morning ironing and packing my suitcase. I couldn’t do it without her and quite frankly, I’m pretty sure she actually enjoys doing it. I never ask her she kinda always just says ‘when are we packing your case then?’ and I’m not going to turn down the master Packers help!!!

God help me this time though coming back, we could barely close my case yesterday, all my hair and makeup stuff are going in my boyfriend’s case (now he doesn’t have a choice on this one).

If you’ve got the luggage room (22kg for us), USE IT!!! Make the most of it and get as many clothes and shoes in as you can 😉
I’m the type of person where, if I have an outfit in my head, I won’t be happy wearing anything else, so I like to take as much as I can to prevent disappointment and so my boyfriend doesn’t have to wait around for ever whilst I look for something to wear.

So take advantage of that luggage allowance and have a holiday in style.


Embracing my Inner Monica

For any Friends fans out there, you’ll probably have guessed what this section is about… HAIR.

My hair is naturally quite curly (frizzy!)

hair 2hair 1

This is my natural hair, still slightly damp, as it drys it just gets bigger and frizzier. 

Now I’m not a fan of my hair but everybody is always telling me that I should wear it natural more often. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I just find it incredibly annoying. Most days I straighten it, then I end up with ‘wings’

linked in (3)

These little strands on either side that just stick out constantly, they’re too short to be tied up and so uncooperative!! Nightmare. 

When I go on holiday, it’s even harder to handle…


I’ll be looking like this. 

Momma P tells me it’s the Irish in me and all I can say is I’m thankful I’m not ginger otherwise I’d look like Merida from Brave (Yes, I know she’s Scottish… but just look…)


I couldn’t cope!

So whenever I go on holiday, I find it so much easier to just put my hair in two french plaits, that way, it will stay slightly tamed, even in the sea and pool…




Packing that Factor 50…

Trust me, I need it. When I was younger I used to tan anytime I went away. Then when I was 9 I went to Italy and burnt my cheekbones, everywhere else was tanned. Ever since then, I just burn!!!

So this time around, I have 3 bottles of factor 50 and two bottles of aftersun. Where’s Beth with her Medicated Powder when you need her (miracle powder more like!!!). Hopefully, I’ll come back with a half decent tan. It’s not fun when your boyfriend goes on holiday more tanned than you’ll be coming back *eye roll*.

My sister is currently on holiday where we’ll be going on Monday and she’s struggling to cope with the heat so I don’t think I’ll have much luck. I’ll just be spending my week in the pool or sea to soothe the burning.

I am excited… Honest.

Although I’m slightly worried about burning and spending the week looking like Hagrid, I am super excited!! You can probably tell if you’ve read my previous blog posts that I’ve not been having the best of times recently so this holiday couldn’t have come at a better time. It will be good to get away from this lovely English summer we’re having also.


So, everyone, I’ll see you on the other side… unless my boyfriend finds a gym or decides to go on an 8-mile run (he probably will) I’ll be writing a post all about the holiday when I get back… In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for updates on my time away…

Bye for now xo


Pray For Me

Football season is about to begin… All you non football following girls out there will know exactly how I feel if your partner is an avid football fan like mine. As my mum says, I’m a football widow at this time of year. 

This blog post is coming from the pub, I’m sat here, no wifi, oasis in hand (neither of us really have the money to buy drinks but we felt like we had to get one considering we will be sat here for the next couple of hours) and my iPad. Luckily, I can write this post now and add the photos I plan on putting when I’m back in the comfort of my own home with working internet access before publishing. 

For any football fans out there who may be reading this, I’m going to give you s little insight right now into what it’s like for us non-fans, and what you put us through during football season. Please note, this may not be what all fans are like, but it’s certainly my experience… 

1. Why did I not bring earplugs?!  Or headphones, something to cancel out the loud cheers and screams when somebody scores. I’m in a room full of burly men with very loud, and very deep voices and I know I’ll be going home with a banging headache. Momma P best have paracetamol ready and waiting.

2. I should have saved up for this… At least save enough money to be able to afford a glass of wine or 10. I think alcohol is the key to survival in this situation, anything just to get me by… 

3. Why do these men get paid so much?! This is bound to offend hard core fans so if this if you and football is your livelihood then turn away now. It’s literally a bunch of sweaty men, running around chasing a bit of rubber or whatever the hell a football is made out of, and they get paid more than doctors and nurses!! Uncalled for. 
Side note: I saw an old friend from school so a little catch up with her saved me for a little bit of boredom. She seems to be in the same boat as me, difference is, she actually understands what’s going on.

Which brings me to my next point…

4. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT ask questions!!!!! It’s for your own good. You’ll either get told off for talking or get a dirty look for not knowing what the offside rule is. ITS COMMON KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE *eye roll* 

Ok so I do actually know what the offside rule is… Brownie points to me. It’s the only thing I do know but I doubt I could tell you when it was broken or whatever.

5. Wear appropriate clothing.  It’s been miserable weather all day so I’ve got a jumper on and I’m absolutely SWEATING.

It’s finally half time, maybe I can get s little conversation out of my boyfriend..wish me luck🍀

He didn’t seem too happy with me taking photos😂

Side note: what do you all think of his facial hair? I’m not a fan but I guess who can do what he wants with his own face!! Comment below your opinions. 

Oh wait… There’s overtime on the half time, my little head can’t take this confusion.

Last but not least… And this one goes for partners of football fans whether you go to the pub with them or watch it with them or not…

6. Don’t ask them questions if they come home unhappy. I’ve learnt to google the final score if my boyfriend goes to the pub to watch it and I’m at home, this way, I know what to expect when he comes home, what mood he will be in. I find myself praying United win just so he’s happy!

So if you’re going to be a supportive girlfriend or boyfriend and sit through the most boring two hours of your life, remember to bring something to entertain you, try and refrain form talking and drink copious amounts of alcohol to get out through.

Enjoy x
Update: I ordered a millionaires cheesecake to get me through the second half..I deserve it don’t you think?

Family Love

I’ve got a little bit of free time on my hands at the minute, I’ve left my job and 1 week today I’ll be on that plane to Tenerife with my love, I’ve been applying for jobs a lot over the past couple of days but, in my mind, there’s not much point in me starting a new job this week when I’m going away next week.

I’m taking a little time out to think. To think about who I really am and what I really want.

The thing is with me, I worry too much about trying to make the perfect future, I forget to enjoy the now. It’s definitely something I need to work on. Once I get an idea in my head, I do everything I can to make it happen, and 9 times out of 10, it turns out to be the wrong thing for me.

I’ve mentioned this in my previous posts but I have two sisters, both of them have known, for as long as anyone can remember, exactly what career path they want to go down and I have no idea. At least I’m trying different things, maybe too many….

This is why I really need to think.

I have one year of university left, so I’m going to get a normal job, just one to give me a bit of pocket money to help me get by, then I’ll spend this year thinking about what it really is that I want for my career.


I’ve had a lovely couple of days making memories with family and friends. I have a very big and incredibly supportive family. Most people with a big family struggle to make time to see them, we’re the complete opposite!!

I left my job on Thursday, on Friday, my auntie and little cousin came round and the weather seemed to be on our side so we sat in the garden talking about all things completely random.

On Saturday I had a little pamper day, had a nice relaxing bubble bath, painted my nails and then spent the evening with my boyfriends parents and little brother, a few glasses of wine and a nice meal, perfect day before a busy Sunday.

This week was my Boyfriend’s Grandma’s 70th Birthday, so 17 of us went for a meal to The Midway in Stockport. We then ended up going back to his uncles for a couple of drinks (apart from yours truly who always ends up as designated driver). I had such a good evening with just us girls chatting.

girls night

I would choose family time over a night out to town any day!!

This week will be very chilled, my boyfriend has 3 weeks leave now so it will just be spent getting ready for our holiday, packing, buying any last minute necessities and seeing family. All my mums sisters work in schools so summer time is lovely and we all meet at my grandmas one day in the week for lunch!


Whilst I’m going through a strange point in my life, the first time I’ve actually stopped to think about what is best for myself, I plan to spend as much time as I can with everyone I love around me. Making memories and having a good laugh.

For now, I should probably get back to the job hunting… it would make my life a lot easier and happier if I found a writing job to fit around uni but I’ve got plenty of time in my life to find a career that I love.

If anyone has any blog post ideas or maybe knows somewhere in Greater Manchester that’s hiring, comment below and let me know.

Bye for now xo

Stuck in a Rut

The heading says it all really.

Stress… Stress… STRESS.

I won’t go into too much detail because we don’t want to upset people but there are points in life when you just have to give up and cut your losses.

I’ve given it a go, I’ve tried my best, but it’s just not working out any more.

Nobody should carry on with something that just makes constantly makes them miserable.

To be honest, I think I’ve been incredibly lucky. Lucky to have such an amazing support system around me. My amazing parents, fabulous Nanna and gorgeous boyfriend have all been top stars today, keeping me sane and making sure I have my head screwed on and a smile on my little face.

The last thing I ever want is for people to be disappointed in me! I hate it! It was all that was on my mind when making a decision about what to do but it turned out, nobody really cared about whether or not I would struggle for money or whatever, they all just said the same thing…

We hate seeing you so unhappy, you need to do what’s right for yourself and nobody else”.

Those were the exact words I needed to here.

Onward and upward from here on out.

I could do with my luck taking a flip turn now so if there is anyone up there looking down on me, help me out, sprinkle a little fairy dust on me and give me a bit of luck!

I’m sick and tired of being miserable so everyone is right. I just need to do what makes me happy, what I think is the best decision for my own health, physically and mentally. No more crying every night, this gal needs to get her smile back!!!

So I know this post is a little cryptic but anyone who knows me will know exactly what its about. Anyone who doesn’t, I hope you can take a very important message from it…


My love goes to every single one of you reading this and I want nothing but happiness for everyone who reads the random and crazy thoughts that spill out on my keyboard.

momma pappa and ste

Shout out to these three beauties and my Nanna (I can’t find any photo’s with her that she would let me put on) for being fab and getting me through the day!! I love you all x

P.S Momma P look’s sad in the photo because us three all got free drinks because of a mix up and they weren’t allowed to give her one for free HA!!

Finding my Confidence

I have dreamt of being a writer since I was quite young, 9 to be exact. I still remember writing my first poem like it was yesterday. I was in year 5 and given the (optional) task to write a poem that would be published in a Little Laureates book. I was so excited and so ready to come up with something amazing, and I did… or so I thought. I loved the poem then but when I look back on it now it makes me laugh.

See what you think…

There once was a girl named Jenny
She was a superstar
She didn’t have many pennies
But she owned a pink guitar
Her favourite food was jelly
That she enjoyed eating at a bar
But this gave her a sore belly
So she went home in her dad’s car
Then she settled down to watch some telly
And went to bed, gazing at the stars.

See I told you, laughable.

Okay I can’t be too harsh on myself, I was only 9 and it’s may seem pretty good for a 9 year old. But it’s not something I look back on with pride.

I wrote the poem the night we were given the task, first thing the next morning, it was on my teachers desk. Then a couple months went by…


One day, I go into school, by this point, I’ve completely forgotten all about this poem I wrote way back when. Until my teacher told everybody that we would be spending the morning writing a poem each for this book!

As you can probably tell… I wasn’t best pleased.

I was so proud of myself, I had written this poem, in my own time, and was the only person at my school who did. I thought I was going places, I thought I was going to be highly commended for being the only young writer at my school with a published poem. Now everyone else in my class was doing one also and mine wouldn’t be as special.

It only gets worse.

Because I had already written a poem and we were not allowed to put two forward, I was told to just go around the class and see if anybody needed any help. And they did! I practically wrote one for another of my class mates because they just couldn’t think of anything. Obviously I didn’t get any recognition for it but hey ho, we can’t have everything can we?

I got over it, moved on. It doesn’t bother me anymore.

But then something else happened.

Fast forward now to year 9, GCSE Drama class.

Side note: I’d just like to point out, my Drama teacher was a little unique and loved everything about death, murder, anything depressing, she loved it. 

We were all told to bring in a poem about the death of a loved one for part of our coursework. Typically, everybody just found one online (probably on their phone whilst on the bus on their way to school that morning). I decided to write one myself.

I loved to write poems, granted they weren’t usually about death but I gave it a shot. I didn’t have much confidence back then, I was too worried about what other people thought of me so I liked to stay inside the box. (Now, I don’t care!!) I found a poem online as well, just in case I bottled it and decided against reading mine out.

When we got to class and the teacher told us to all get out our poems and sit around the front. When everyone was rooting through their bags, one of my friends said they forgot to find one, so me, being the absolute angel I am ( 😉 ) offered to give them one of mine. I was too worried about reading mine out and so I gave them my own and I used the one I found online.

Another girl in the class began reading out her poem and then I realised, it was the same one I had! It was too late to swap so I just had to read it out again. Then when my friend read out the one I’d written, my teacher was amazed and asked if they wrote it, and of course, they took all the credit.

I was gutted.

It’s not that I wanted the compliments they were getting, trust me that’s far from it, I just wasn’t happy about someone else taking the credit for something I put a lot of effort into.

It all turned around later on though, I ended up telling my drama teacher that it was me who wrote it (I know, I’m a grass but I couldn’t sit back and watch somebody else take the credit for something I put a lot of effort into). When I told her, she was stood with my English teacher. Later that day when I went to my English class, my teacher pulled me to one side and asked my permission to use the poem (the drama teacher gave it to her) for her year 11’s GCSE poetry analysis!!

Proud moment right there!

I definitely learnt a valuable lesson that day. To learn to believe in myself and have confidence in everything I do.

Anyone who knows me now, knows how confident I am, it’s hard to believe that as little as 5 years ago, I was a timid young girl who wouldn’t do anything that had the slightest possibility of upsetting anyone.

Now, well I do stuff to make myself happy, do what I want to do, I look out for myself and my loved ones, and if it happens to please others too well then that’s an added bonus.

Remember, always have faith in yourself and believe you have the power to do whatever you want, as long as you put your mind to it!!

A Small Girl With Big Dreams

Having to make a decision about your future at such a young age has always been hard for me. I have two sisters, both of them have known what career they wanted for as long as anyone can remember and are both sticking with it and achieving their dreams, me on the other hand… I’m the indecisive one.

In 2015 my Grandad sadly passed away and that evening, my dad told me that Granddad once said I was the one to watch and he thinks I’m going to be successful and amount to big things. This is something that has always stuck with me as I want nothing more than to make him proud!


My Granddad helping me with my Sunflower project in Primary School. ❤ 

My mum is forever telling me (and continues to tell every man and his dog) how, when I was younger, I told every body that when I grow up I wanted to be a lollypop lady/dinner lady. I’m sure this isn’t normal for a 4 year old. Most people want to be an actor or an astronaut… my cousin used to say when asked this question ’13’, that’s it. Just thirteen.
But yeah, apparently that is all I wanted to be for a long time (not that I remember). Well then began my ever changing dreams.

Teacher was a thought at one point.
I’ve always wanted to go into acting, I still do but I like to keep my dreams realistic.
I wanted to be an Events Planner, I almost applied for this at university but I was told it was too difficult to get into (a lecturer on a visit day basically told me I would never get a job, part of me wishes I stuck with it to prove her wrong!).
I wanted to be a media make up artist which, now that I think about it, I’m glad I didn’t pursue, I’m not even good at normal make up!!!
I Considered Marketing, this is what I’m working towards a degree in, I like it but I’m not sure it’s something I would enjoy doing all my life.
I thought about being a university lecturer not long ago but the thought of doing any longer than I need to in education is turning me away from the idea. The reason I wanted to do this was because I’ve had some awful lecturers and I wanted to change that for future students.
I’m toying with being an Estate Agent at the moment, I have a job in one but it’s mainly lettings which isn’t really what I wanted my focus to be on.
I’ve always wanted to be a writer since I was about 9 years old. I never thought it was possible but this is one that I’m dreaming big and trying to achieve. Writing a book, my blog, my poetry blog, I’m also considering making a poem book and selling it on Amazon as a kindle book but I would need to do a lot more research on this first.

For majority of my high school years when someone asked me what career I wanted, I simply had no idea. All I know, even now, is that eventually, I want to work for myself, be my own boss.

I hate micro-management and have had some really bad managers throughout my life, mainly in retail or restaurants, so I want my own company where my employees are happy about coming to work. Everyone should be in a job they love, it makes waking up in the morning so much easier. Having a job you dislike will only make you miserable.

I am so lucky to have such a supportive family, I don’t feel pressure off anybody to make up my mind and get a job that I will be in forever, they stick by me and believe in me with whatever I decide to do. They encourage me to just do my best in anything I try. But I want to do something I love, something where I have the freedom to make my own choices.

I would LOVE to work on Coronation Street, whether this be as an actor or a writer. I am slowly working towards this, filming myself doing some monologues which I will eventually send to the writers along with a character I have created for myself. I’ve also written some scenes for the show which, strangely, have already happened after I wrote them, so now I’m going to write some new ones that are less likely going to happen. My hope is that this can be a way for me to get myself noticed and get a foot in the door.

My other dream is to write novels. My role model, forever and always, is Cecelia Ahern. If you don’t know who that is, she’s an amazing writer with so many books including P.S. I Love You, Where Rainbows End (Love Rosie) and she also wrote the TV show Samantha Who?. I have loved every single book I have read of hers, but what inspires me the most about her, she started writing P.S. I Love You when she was 19 years old.

I have big dreams, hopefully one day I will be able to reach these and show my Granddad that he was right for believing in me. All I want is to make everyone around me proud.

A little message I would give to my younger self would be not to worry. I spend so much time in year 11 stressing about what I was going to study at College, I thought that I needed to make a big decision that I wasn’t ready to make, even in my last year of college I felt this same stress and worry. The decisions I made we’re going to shape my future and plan my life, or so I thought. Since starting university I’ve learnt that so many other people are in the exact same boat as me, just do a subject you enjoy and keep your options open, you can always change your mind later on in life.

As for now, I’m going to keep working towards my goals, setting myself aims for each year and hopefully I can find a job I love.

Dream big and aim high.

Rest In Peace Granddad, I’ll continue working for my dreams and I hope I’m making you proud up there x

My Nerdy Annoyance

Bit of a peculiar title for this one but it’s something my friends all say I’m a ‘nerd’ for this thing annoying me so much.

What it is is, this thing is something I love but there are little things about it that just bug me.

Anyone reading this from England will most likely of heard of Coronation Street? Well if not, it’s a soap about the lives of the working class on a back street in Manchester, and I LOVE IT!!!
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, my mum and I look forward to it all day, it honestly makes my days a little better knowing that I can go home after work and, much to my dad’s dismay, catch up on the imaginary lives of the Platts, O’Conners, Grimshaw’s and all the other families that live on the street.

We love it that much that with my first job, I bought us both tickets to go to the tour!

My Mother and I loving life on the cobbles in 2014.

So yes, I’m a big fan, some people may laugh at the thought of a 19 year old girl being so into a soap that their grandparents watch but I don’t even care, I’m not ashamed in the slightest.

There was a point where I had planned out a character and full storyline of how this character would come onto the street and what they would do, I was all ready to send it to the Corrie bosses and put myself forward to be her but then they brought her back anyway! Bethany Platt I’m talking about you!
Side Note: I’m glad that never happened, I would never have been able to pull off the character of Bethany as well as Lucy Fallon!! Her and Sarah were the best match for mother and daughter!!

All my time through college completing my performing arts course I dreamed of being a cast member of my favourite TV show, I still do… A girl can dream hey.


Anyway, enough about how much I love it… time to get to the real reason I’m writing this blog.

I follow the Corrie page on Facebook and every post I see, there’s at least one person commenting ‘I HATE PAT PHELAN’. I’m quite frankly bored of it.

So this is going back a bit, back to when he first came back onto the street and when he watched Michael die without doing anything (pretty much murder). Yes, I wanted him to go too, but you have to admit, he makes good TV.

The thing that annoys me the most about it is that people were complaining that he was still on the show, telling the writers that they should kill him off already. Does nobody realise that with a show like this, the episodes are written around 6-9 months before we actually watch it? This isn’t a guess… it’s a fact! (I emailed the bosses FYI).

So when people are complaining, there isn’t really much the writers can do, these episodes we’re watching now were filmed so long ago, they can’t just cut in and change them.

Another thing is people commenting saying things like ‘I have watched corrie all my life but now I don’t, it is ruined now’.
I can understand that the past few months have been a little sad with Michelle Losing the baby, the Grooming storyline with Bethany, Toyah not being able to conceive etc but these kind of storylines are done for a reason. When each episode finishes, listen to the end where they say “if anyone has been affected by issues seen in today’s episode, go to the ITV website to find out who to speak to for help and guidance” or something along those lines. They aren’t doing episodes like this to make everyone cry or to make the show ‘depressing’, they’re doing it to raise awareness!!

The grooming storyline was on at the same time as the drama documentary Three Girls which was aired earlier this year. This was based on a true story, in Manchester may I add, in which so many young girls were affected. And just like Bethany and Lara, none of those girls wanted to come forward because they had been fed all these lies about what would happen to them if they told anybody.

Now just imagine this. You’re sat watching Coronation Street with your 14 year old daughter, she watches everything that Nathan put Bethany through and she realises that this is what happened to her, this is what she went through that she, just like Bethany, thought was okay! This could encourage your daughter to finally realise that it’s wrong and come forward about it happening.

We need shows like this with storylines raising awareness, to help victims, help people who don’t feel like they can turn to anybody about what they’re going/been through, help them to see that it’s not just them this is happening too and they’re are people out there who can understand and will be more than happy to talk to them about it and give them the guidance they need.

So all you out there who just post negative comments about how sad it is or how much you hate a particular character, just think, this could be changing someone’s life, it could be helping to bring light to someone who has witnessed this kind of behaviour and encourage them to do something about it.

I cannot commend Coronation Street enough, and Three Girls and every other programme or soap out there that shines light on taboo subjects, and gives vulnerable people the courage to speak out. If you don’t want to watch it, then don’t! Nobody is forcing you to sit in front of your TV and watch this particular programme. But just remember, the more storylines like this, the more people they can help.

Addictions & Obsessions

They say it takes 21 days to make something become a habit. Sometimes addiction doesn’t even take this long.
Some people have addictive personalities and they’re hooked just after doing it once. Me? I’m the complete opposite.

Let me give you an example. I would love to be a health fanatic and gym junkie but no matter how much I try, it’s just not for me. I saw this 21 days theory and thought why not give it a go. So every day for 21 days I did set exercises. I counted the days and was fully ready to make this a habit. Then on day 22 I thought to myself ‘hey, I don’t need to do it anymore the 21 days are up and I’ve not got into a habit’.

Ok so maybe this theory may not be true, but maybe, just maybe it only works for people who have an addictive personality, or maybe a small one. I think I have the complete opposite, whatever that may be.

Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I get obsessed with things (not in a creepy way), but usually not for that long. Majority of these things are like games or something, for a while I was obsessed with this jigsaw app on my IPad then one day I didn’t do it, probably because I was too busy and I don’t think I’ve done it since. Sometimes, it happens, then I stop for a bit and then the next time I do it, I’m obsessed again, but it never lasts.

Maybe I’m just so weird, maybe this is normal? I Don’t know and probably never will but it’s not like it has a negative affect on my life so I don’t really mind. It’s not like my obsessions are ever harmful to myself or anyone else, I think my last obsession was colouring books!! I’m not even ashamed.

Well my current obsession and one that I really hope lasts is Kendall Rae videos on YouTube. SHE’S AMAZING.

kendall rae.jpg
So let me just clarify, I’m not a creep and I’m not obsessed with her, just her video’s and what she talks about.

Let me tell you a little bit about her video’s.

Kendall is a little like me in the way that we are both fascinated with crime stories, unsolved mysteries, conspiracy theories etc
If there’s a documentary on a Serial Killer or a drama on ghost’s or missing children, I’m more than likely watching it. I don’t even know what it is I love about them or when this began but I’ve always just been really interested in it. I’ll probably do posts on different unsolved mysteries or missing children cases etc that I have some opinions and theories on, but more on that later. Back to Kendall Rae…

It was actually my flatmate at uni who introduced me to her videos. When we were both off uni or had nothing on of an evening, we would sit there watching videos on YouTube about murderers or mysteries, we even binged watch Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction!! (who remembers this??)
Anyway, she sent me a link to one of her video’s because it was something we had talked about once, the video was quite long, all her video’s are around 15-30 minutes long but they’re INSANE!

Everything in the video is fact’s, she must do so much research before each video, honestly I don’t know how she has time but I’m glad she does. The only time her opinion ever comes into the videos in when she talks about how fascinated she is with the particular case or when she gives her opinion at the end of the video about an unsolved mystery, like the Bermuda Triangle. I love this because it’s not just one of those video’s you watched of someone trying to brainwash you into believing their theory over everyone else’s and Kendall always advises her viewers to do their own research if it’s something they’re interested in.

I think I started watching her video’s on Sunday so 4 days ago and I’ve watched god knows how many now. It amazes me, half of the mysteries she talks about I’ve never even heard about before which amazes me, majority of them are missing children and I’m so shocked to have never heard about it!

I feel like this obsession may last a little longer than any of my other ones because she just has so many videos and I have a lot of free time now I don’t have any assignments to do so after work I’m just watching her videos.

I even watch them whilst I cook tea now. I used to just stick the radio on but now I set my IPad up and watch like 3 videos whilst chopping veg.

Her videos have made me want to talk about my opinions on some of the mysteries or cases, mine are probably going to be a little more opinionated, I find myself shouting at the screen of documenteries if the police are being useless or whatever so my posts may get a little intense but the benefits of it being a blog is that I can dial it back a little and nobody will know how annoyed it makes me haha.

So if you are into serial killers, mysteries or anything along those lines, I truly recommend you give Kendall Rae a watch, you won’t be sorry.


One of them days…

Morning… Notice I’m leaving off the good because so far… this one isn’t.

So it starts off with me waking up late, not too sure how when I set three alarms every morning but it was only 15 minutes which isn’t too bad. I give myself loads of time to get ready because I like to chill with my breakfast and watch a good old Melissa & Joey!
Well then my hair didn’t cooperate, I ALWAYS know it’s going to be a bad day if my hair doesn’t do what I want it too but my hair is so temperamental!!!! I’ll more than likely write an entire post just on my hair just to prove to you what a bloody nightmare it actually is.

The next issue was that I couldn’t find anything to wear!! I know… first world problems or what but let me defend myself, this is my second office job, the first one, I could turn up in jeans and a comfy top and nobody would bat an eyelid but this one (I’ve only been here a week) I have to dress smartly and, considering I started mid way through the month and payed off my holiday with my last wages, I couldn’t afford to buy any office clothes.
So when I say I couldn’t find anything to wear, it’s not that I just didn’t fancy wearing any of my clean clothes, it’s that I literally had nothing I could wear for work that was clean (Payday cannot come quick enough *eye roll).

After I’d pulled together a just about appropriate outfit for work, I went downstairs, like I always do, to make my chocolate spread on toast (I know… healthy right!!!). Well when i was spreading it, I must have been holding the edges of the toast too firmly and it completely flipped and I had chocolate spread all up my arm and covering my hands. For someone who HATES sticky hands it was a nightmare!

I left the house at my normal time but this morning seemed to be that every man and his dog was on the roads today. I live on a main road and I’m far too lazy to turn my car at night to face the right way, meaning that when I pull out in the morning, I have to do a turn in the road.
Now this isn’t usually too bad, my car is that small that I can just whip it round in one and it’s super quick to do, my dad says it’s like driving a go kart. but this morning i was sat there for 5 minutes waiting to actually pull out. Most of the time there will be a gap when both sides are clear but nope. Not today. I had to pull out half way then wait for the other side to be either clear, or for someone to see me and take pity on my and just let me go (never gonna happen). So by the time the other side became clear, I had a woman waiting on this side swearing and calling me every name under the sun.

Well then I pop into subway to grab myself a salad for my lunch and they have no caesar dressing!!!! What’s all that about?? Not happy, but I went with BBQ instead and when I got to work, I noticed that the woman has literally put like a tea spoon of sauce on… clearly not enough for my salad!

Today was also the first time I had to open up the shop (yes I was given keys in my first week… I was shocked too). It took me about 10 minutes to lift one barrier and even then I couldn’t get it up to the top because I’m way too small so my boss is going to have to do the rest when he gets here, I’ll have to tell people to watch their heads if anyone comes. Then, because I was stood outside for so long in the rain trying to work out how to get the stupid barriers up, my hair has turned into a frizz ball… again, my hair is the problem, more on that later.

Well to top it all off (and yes I’ve saved the WORST till last) I get to my desk, put down my bag and grab my phone to notice it is soaking, like I don’t mean a few rain drops on the screen, I mean soaking wet to the point where I could see the water swishing about inside the case. I sorted it out and looked in my bag to notice there’s two inches of water just chilling at the bottom! My beautiful Michael Kors bag my boyfriend got me for my birthday last year and is still in perfect condition! I could have cried (more for the fact that I had to now clean it all out. So I get to work on that and notice stuff I was wise enough to leave in my bag;
– My contract for work (forgot to put it in my document box last night… absolutely ruined)
– My passport!! Smart move!
– The fluffy pompom on my keys that I threw into my bag was soaking (don’t ask why I randomly have a photo of my keys on my phone)


– so much rubbish that was all wet and sticking to the bottom

the list goes on but it wasn’t nice. There was that much water I had to go outside to tip it out!!

All this and it’s not even 9am. Pray for me that it will all turn around.

*This is all an account from last Thursday, but considering I only started my blog last night, I wanted to add it. On the plus side, I can tell you that the day went up from there, mainly because my boyfriend told me he was coming home from work in Essex a day early for the weekend!!!

Next time my hair doesn’t cooperate and I can’t find anything to wear, I’m getting back in bed and trying again the next day.


The Most Amazing Experience Ever..

So yes, I’m only 19, and no, I’m not even close to getting married, but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream.

I have another blog for my job where I write all about the local area, local business reviews, events etc and so I was tasked to review Cheadle Bride. This is where the best experience ever comes in…
So I booked an appointment at Cheadle Bride, pretending I was getting married of course, to experience the way the store works, how they treat people who visit and what exactly happens when you go for a bridal fitting. And let me tell you… I was amazed.

cheadle bride

I watch lots of TV, Say yes to the dress, Don’t tell the Bride, everything that people see as ‘car crash TV’, I LOVE!! So I knew that the women at the store wouldn’t think twice of me bringing some people along with me. I took my two aunties, my little cousin and my god daughter (Bridesmaids and flower girl 😉 ). My mum and sisters and grandparents wanted to come with me as well but we couldn’t find a time when I would be free at the same time as them!

I did Performing Arts at college so my acting skills are very believable, which came in useful when the staff there were asking about my wedding.

When we first walked in, I was surprised at how small it was, but after being there for a little while, I realized that they had a lot more than you would think.

There were a couple of manikins dotted around, a chaise longue in the middle of the room and the two side walls were filled with dresses. I took a seat and Gwen, (one of the two women in the store) handed me a clip board. I filled out my information, name, wedding date, preferred style etc and then she began telling me about how it works.
So there were a few different dress designers, each one had their own little section. Gwen told me to take a look around, choose a minimum of 5-6 dresses and put them on the hooks at then end of each section. There was every style you could imagine!! Long dresses, short dresses, patterned, coloured, lace, two pieces… the list goes on.

So every girl has thought about what kind of wedding dress they would want, and I had a very particular style in mind, but when it came to looking, I thought I may as well try on a variety of styles. It turned out that the style  I had in mind was the complete opposite to what ended up being my favourite at the end of the day.

Once I had chosen 6 dresses, Gwen took me into the changing room, told me to get undressed whist she waited outside and then told me to call her in once I was done. She then came in with the dress I wanted to try on the most, this one just so happened to be on  mannequin so I didn’t think I would be able too but she was more than happy to take it off for me. It was my dream style, elegant, beautiful, I loved it!!

So Gwen helped me to step into the dress, explained about how it won’t be my size but if I was to choose that dress, it would be altered to fit me perfectly. All the dresses in the store were different sizes which I thought was great as it meant that any woman in any shape or size would have the opportunity to try some dresses on.

Gwen then explained to me that she was going to put her hands up the dress, gather all of the layers together so that I could take them off her and make it easier for myself when walking out of the changing room, where I stepped on a stool. There was a mirror in front, a mirror behind and a mirror to the side so I could see all angles of the dress without turning or looking over my shoulder.

When I tried it on, at first it felt so strange. This dress was maybe a little too small for me and very fitted so it was slightly difficult to walk in, but it still felt so weird looking at myself in a wedding dress.

So let me just get this out there, taking a 1 year old wedding dress shopping, probably not the best idea, she just wanted to get up and run around but we didn’t really want that with all the dresses and tiara’s, I don’t think my auntie wanted to pay £300 for a broken Tiara! But Gwen was brilliant, she put nursery rhymes on the computer and she loved it, the crying stopped, in fact, we didn’t hear a peep out of her until it was time to leave!
We were all offered a drink multiple times throughout our visit, and Gwen also gave me a dressing gown to put on between trying on dresses. Honestly, I wanted to wear the dressing gown for my ‘wedding’ I’ve never felt so cosy in my life!!!

From trying on the different dresses, Gwen took everything I said into account and suggested some other dresses to try on that I didn’t pick out originally. In all honesty, I think she knew me better than I knew myself.

We had a lovely chat whilst she was helping me in and out of a multitude of dresses. Gwen was just so friendly and open and honest about everything the job entails. If you’ve ever watched a wedding show then you’ll know that some women can be a complete Bridezilla and demand something impossible or completely out of their budget, I asked Gwen if she ever has to deal with these kind of brides and if so, how does she deal with it and she explained to me that most of the time, the reason they are like that is because they have something very particular they want and more often than not, it would need to be custom made.

I tried on a dress I liked but there were some things I wasn’t so keen on, Gwen was so helpful saying how this could easily be changed and altered to how I like it. It felt so personal and as though I could pretty much have whatever I wanted, every brides dream.

I came in wanting a fitted, lace dress with a big train, I left wanting a simple princess dress with a bigger skirt and no lace. Gwen told me what suited my shape and build and I agreed with everything she said. My aunties had a lot of opinions but in the end, all of us agreed on a top and skirt combo. I fell in love. I wish I was getting married, just so I could have bought the dress. What was better for me is, because I’m so small, I find it hard dancing in a long dress, and if you knew my family, you’d know how much we all love to dance, especially at weddings!! So with the dress I chose, it meant that I could have changed the skirt in the evening to something more dance friendly. I didn’t even think a bridal top and skirt would be an option and I thought I would have had to get a second dress if I wanted to dance all night long.

Now even though I’m not actually getting married, it was an amazing experience for me, I loved seeing how much my mind had changed by the time I left and how Gwen had pointed things out to me that I didn’t even realize. I left with a smile on my face, and I’m sure my mother (who constantly says I’m a nightmare to shop with) will be very pleased to know that when I do actually get married, she won’t have to sit and watch me try on 50 thousand different dresses like she does every other time I drag her clothes shopping!
After leaving, Gwen emailed me with my top choices, a photo and price, I thought this was a really nice and personal touch that would have been great, especially if I was actually getting a dress and didn’t have my auntie taking hundreds of photo’s of me in each dress I tried on. I won’t be able to share any of the photo’s due to the designers wishes which is completely understandable, but also, it would be bad look for the groom to see me in the dress anyhow 😉 .

The prices of all of the dresses varied but it turned out I had a very expensive taste (I knew that anyway) but I best get saving!!!

A little touch I loved was this card that states everything you can expect from Cheadle Bride..


I couldn’t recommend this store enough for any bride to be looking for her dream dress for her big day. The staff were amazing and friendly, so welcoming and helpful and they made my experience so much better.

I will 100% be going back when the time comes for me to actually buy a wedding dress, but in the mean time, all you local brides to be should definitely book an appointment, you won’t regret it!

To make an appointment you can call them on 0161 485 6888.

Thank you to Gwen and Pam for giving me the best experience ever and making me feel like an absolute Princess, even if it was only an hour. I can’t wait to get married now!! (Qu the worried boyfriend text).

Bye for now xo